Month: March 2007

Students Against the War

This was published by The Nation after this article by Sam Graham-Felsen in the April 2, 2007 edition of The Nation. The Student Peace Action Network is a part of the coordinating committee of the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition. Published on Thursday, March 22, 2007 by […]

4 War Years, NO MORE!

Four years ago today we invaded the country of Iraq, a country that for twelve years before that had been suffering under extreme U.S. sanctions at the cost of over a million lives (mostly children) due to malnourishment and lack of medical supplies, because of the absurd allegation […]

Iran, 2nd update

After settling in, our Fellowship of Reconciliation delegation embarked on some emotional meetings. We visited the Society of Chemical Weapons Victims Support as one of our first excursions in Tehran. During the 1980-1988, Iraq-Iran war, where one million people died, the U.N. claims that Iraq used 19,500 chemical […]

Day 1 In Iran

Our Organizing and Political Director, Paul Kawika Martin, has just begun a 2 week journey in Iran, below are the reactions/experiences from his first day. The purpose of the trip is to build connections between Iranian and American people, in spite of the looming threat of a U.S. […]