Global Activism



19-21 AUGUST 2007

Gareloch, Scotland

Faslane365 is a yearlong continuous nonviolent blockade of the Faslane Naval base in Scotland applying critical public pressure for the disarmament of Trident, Britain’s illegal and immoral nuclear weapons. More than eighty groups from across the UK and Europe have participated with over 700 arrests thus far. Groups from across civil society including academics, health workers, students, elected representatives, cyclists, environmentalists, clergy, lawyers, Quakers, pensioners and many others have united in relentless opposition to nuclear weapons.

While Tony Blair’s government has approved plans to keep nuclear weapons in Scotland for the next 50 years opposition here in the UK is growing. 75% of Scots are opposed to Trident. The SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) which is currently ahead in the polls leading up to Scottish Parliamentary elections is calling for scrapping Trident. The Green Party, the Scottish Socialist Parties, the major trades unions, city councils, and churches all want rid of nuclear weapons. Nearly 100 MPs voted against Blair’s proposal to upgrade Trident. Several government ministers resigned in protest. There is a real possibility of ousting Trident from Scotland which might start a domino effect leading to disarmament of the major nuclear weapons states.

A US Group will join the Faslane365 blockade August 19-21. The US Contingent will call attention to the “Special” nuclear relationship” between the US and the UK. The UK’s Trident missiles are Made in America. The UK must get US permission to launch them because it uses the US Navstar Guidance system.

Help start the process of abolishing nuclear weapons at a crucial time when the UK and the US are accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weapons while they have failed to disarm as they are obliged to do under the 40 year old Non Proliferation Treaty. We are looking especially for people who are already coming over to Europe this summer, or would connect to other peace, justice or environmental work here. Others might be planning travel in Scotland or to visit the Edinburgh Festivals in August and could make Faslane365 a stop on their journey. If you can’t make these dates but would like to come at any other time, contact us and we can connect you to whatever group is covering those dates.

Visit the website for further info on the 365 campaign and sign the Statement of Support: Read the full details on the US Group at Faslane365 at:

For more details or to join in this action either to blockade or support contact us:

Brian Larkin Jane Tallents

Mob. 44 7760401267 Tel. 44 1436671845

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