“Funding the troops means more troops are going to die.”

I would add “and so will tens of thousands of Iraqis” to the above quote from U.S. Representative Maurice Hinchey (D-NY).

Unfortunately, even self-described anti-war members of Congress continue to vote to spend our tax dollars to perpetuate the U.S. occupation of Iraq because of the need to “fund the troops, ” which they still inexplicably equate with “supporting the troops.”

Tell Congress to Vote NO on the War Funding Bill!

We at Peace Action join with our allies in veterans and military families peace organizations in recognizing the only way to really support the troops is to bring them home to the warm embrace of their families as soon as possible, not to fund or “support” their continuing to fight, kill and die in Bush’s quagmire.

Congress is set to vote today or tomorrow to give a blank check to Bush – and a large one at that, nearly $100 billion. This is the second version, after Bush vetoed the first, of the “supplemental” appropriations bill to continue funding the war in Iraq, and this version contains no timelines for withdrawal. The money is for just the next four months — Bush has requested another $140 billion in the 2008 budget that would kick in October 1.

Please call your Congressperson and Senators today (you can call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Representative and Senators) and tell them to vote NO on this war funding bill. Tell them to stop enabling Bush’s quagmire, and to support the troops by ending the war and bringing them home.

After you call, leave us a comment here and let us know how your call went.

For Peace,
Kevin Martin

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  1. Dear Congressman Welch,
    Please vote NO on this war funding bill. I know that other issues have been attached to it
    that affect Vermont, but nothing can justify the continuation of this war. So many more
    troops have been sent than were expected in this rediculous serge. Now we read about plans
    for so called Lily Pads of American presence to be in Iraq for twenty years to come.
    We are following Israel’s model of violence, protected living areas, and confining groups
    of people in walled off locations. It has not brought peace to Isarel and it will not bring peace to
    Please do not support this bill.

  2. Congress needs to listen to the voice of the people and get us out of Iraq. More funding will only prolong our particapation in this military and foreign relations diseaster.

  3. Please do not support this compromise bill. Democrats must stand their ground and insist on ending this war immediately.

  4. As a senior, voting Democrat and am totally disgusted then the so-called DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP! They are gutless , cowardly wonders who will not stand up to the most corrupt and incompetent adminitration in U.S. history! Goodbye DEMOS, hello Independents! Lwayno, disabled vet

  5. It certainly is not what we elected you for. Let’s try something different – putting the nation’s welfare ahead of your re-election.

  6. It is past time to quit fighting this deploreable war, in any way, shape, and form. And further funding is definitely aiding it.
    Bring our troops home, and call it quits. We’re not ahead and we never will be. How many more have to die until enough is enough?!

  7. Please DO NOT FUND THIS WAR! Things are bad enough. YOU PROMISED to END THE WAR. Stop the madness.


  8. Stop immediately funding this immoral, disastrous war, based on lies, which is wasting so many lives, Iraqui and American. It will be the undoing of our country, and the patriotic thing is to bring our troops home — safely — as soon as ossible.›

  9. You were elected or reelected to LISTEN to the American people and STOP Funding this Occupation
    We are stuck with the Worst occupant of the White House in our History, the people know it and the world knows it. He is a lame duck with no backing from anyone with a brain, get yourelves in gear NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bring the troops home now. You have a mandate from the voters. Take care of this now. This is the will of the voters who elected you.

  11. I am completely disgusted with this new Congress and their refusal to stand up to Bush and his insane war plans. We elected the new Congress to effect a change of direction for America in this illegal invasion and occupoation of a soverign nation, Iraq. So far it’s been more of the same spineless actions that congress has continued to displayo.

    Bush has degraded our government and undermined the rule of law. He’s led America into stratagic disaster and moral squalor. What’s really disturbing is the fact that the same principles he has betrayed, the GOP hols dear and they will act no different in the future.

    Congress has the power to change direction if they have the moral fiber to do it. Otherwise they ned to be recalled and a new Congress needs to be elected. Americans are totally fed up with this administration and the fellonist actions they have visited on the people. With no morrals and no clear leadership, the Administration is totally lacking in truth and justice is going out the window.

    With fully 70% of Americans against continuing this illegal war, it’s time we demanded accountability for all the lies and deceptions that the administration has spread across the land in the name of ” imagined terror attacks”. It’s time Americans stood up and demanded a new leadership.

  12. We must end the illegal occupation in Iraq. The American people, not “The Decider”, his neo con buddies and the Military industrial Complex should determine our actions.


  13. This ill-founded war on Iraq has become a political football. It’s embarrassing to see our elected officials toying with the lives of our troops and the Iraqi people for their own political gain.
    Every day that passes, our family gets more and more ashamed of our country.

  14. I called yesterday and today and was told that Congressman Yarmuth (D-KY) was against the bill, but that (no surprise) Sens. Bunning and Mitchell were for it.

  15. I spoke with a rep in Congressman Castle’s office, who took my name and would relay our message to stop funding the war. I only wish that someone (ANYONE) in Congress would have the integrity and backbone to just say no to funding this war. We all know it’s wrong. Why do our elected officials only care about politics and not about what is just. It’s a shame. Unfortunately in my state of Delaware, our politicians play musical chairs with elected positions, they don’t do much. And then there is Senator Biden, who talks a good game but doesn’t stand behind his words.

  16. FYI Senator Clinton’s voice mailbox is full and has been since the weekend. Congressman McNulty will vote no.

  17. called senators reed and whitehouse and congressman langevin to ask them to vote no. Got a representative in each case who said they would pass my message on. In Rhode Island we have been lucky to have strong critics of the war in office; however, I feel that this might be the capitulation point and any pressure I can add to the public voice might help.


  18. Left a message with aide at both Sen. Dodd’s and Rep. Murphy’s offices. Left a recorded message at Sen. Lieberman’s office.

  19. We have had enough of the killing of innocent people, including our own in Iraq. The madness of this illegal war and the profiteering by the Bush Cronys needs to end now.
    Congress must act now and do their job.

  20. Why did the Democrats, who control both houses of congress, capitulate on funding the troops. I don’t understand how by funding the troops you are supporting them; helping them get killed and many more Iraqis getting killed also. Let him veto the bills with a timeline in them, then he will be responsible for not “funding the troops.”

  21. One major reason for the change in power in Congress was to get us out of Iraq. The Congress has let the American people down in their giveaway to Mr. Bush.

  22. It is an abomination that the new Congress has done nothing: Nothing to stop the war, nothing to open diplomatic communication, nothing for even the citizens of America. You have done nothing and are “enabling” the Bush Administration and their personal agenda. The US government makes me sick.

  23. It’s time to stop the moral and financial bankrupting of our nation. Stop the funding! End this war. Too many have died for an immoral war.

  24. I called all three Montana representatives and asked them to vote No on the war funding bill. I am not sure how they are going to vote. I would guess the Republican will vote Yes for sure — the two democratic Senators ????

  25. I had called Rep. John Hall yesterday and left a message for him with his secretary. Today I left a recorded message for Sen. Hillary Clinton and a message with the secretary for Sen. Charles Schumer.

  26. I called both of my Senators, and my Congressman along with Senator Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. All of my calls went to staff or calling machines and they basically just took my message with no comment.

  27. The staffs of Senators Kennedy & Capuano took my comments without indicating how they are planning to vote. Rep. Capuano’s assistant assured me that he was voting NO.

  28. Please stop the insantity. My Heart breaks for all the parents spouses, children who have lost or will never know their parent because of this illegal unethical war. How can we ask our great men and women for the ultimate sacrifice while we are vacationing and having BBQ on the Ranch. Please make our government stop the insanity.

  29. Please stop the insanity. My heart breaks for all the parents,spouses, children who have lost or who will never know thier parent because of this illegal unethical war. How can we ask out great men and women for the ultimate sacrifice while we are vacationing and having “BBQ on the Ranch” this Memorial Day. Please make our government stop the insanity.

  30. Please end this now! No more money spent on an occupation that is getting this country nowhere. This is an abosolute travesty. We are NOT protecting the Iraqi people and our own people are dying left and right. This is all about money, money for defense contractors to make, money for those that control all of the oil in the mideast (ie. the Saudi royalty and the Bushes ) We will tolerate this no more!

  31. Most of the Senators and Congressmen here in Oklahoma have voted YES to allow President Bush to have more funding for the war. I’m beginning to feel as if my input to my congressmen and senators don’t really count any more so I quit contacting them on certain issues that concern me.

  32. Just spoke with Ashley in Representative Putnam’s office, and Nathan in Sen. Nelson of Florida. It appears to me that they will remain committed to War, they talk a good game, but actions speak louder than any words! It appears we have lost our republic form of government and many have become the subservient lap dogs for Corporatism. My thoughts are, the Iraq war will continue well into the next decade and the bogus, War On Terror, will destroy us as a nation with a Constitution which is being shredded as I write. God help us all!

    P.S. Sen Martinez not there as his message machine came on, what’s new?

  33. Please bring the troops home now. There is no link between homeland secruity and the war in Iraq. The real issue is global warming and we need to be spending all the Iraq monies to address CO2 emissions.

    Thanks for your help on reorienting our priorities.

    Dennis Allen

  34. If we don’t give bush the money, he can’t continue this war. We keep hearing the Congress has the power to stop funding, —- let’s see it in action! If the Republicans who have proclaimed to agree with us will only vote the way they talk, for a change, it can succeed in stopping this killing of innocent Iraqi’s and our precious young men and women. Let our troops come home and start living the lives they dream of, not make them live the life of nightmares.

  35. I have opposed this illegal action against this peaceful nation since day one. Every drop of blood spilled is on Bush’s hands and there is not enough fluid on Earth to eradicate the stain it leaves on the man.

  36. I called Rep Walz and Senators Klobucher and Coleman and told them to vote no.
    I did not find out how they will vote.

  37. a lot more can be won through peace and one wins with death and destruction.we should help humanity rather than oppress.destroy only those who commit harmful acts.ALL PEOPLE DEMAND AND ARE ENTITLED THE SHELTER OF THE CARING HAND OF GOD .OR WE SHALL LOSE THE GLIMPSE OF HIS GLORY THAT HAS BEEN REVEALED…

  38. I called Dennis Hastert’s (R-Illinois) and told his staff-person that I wanted to urge Mr. Hastert to vote “no” on the War Funding Bill. Person responded they would relay my msg. Like talking to the wall, since this is THEIR President.

  39. Contacted the offices of Holt, Menendez and Lautenberg. My requesto to ask them to vote No to the funding bill before them will be passed on to them. They ususally respond later with a letter. I will keep you posted.

  40. It is imperitive that Congress stop giving Bush the money he requests to keep his war going. This war is a moral sin and Congress is committing moral injustice by allowing it to proceed. Personally I think that each of you who vote to give Bush this money should be voted out of office. We put you in to get us out of Iraq not to keep us in. Martha Lorin Walker, Milford, PA 18337

  41. the only way to really support the troops is to bring them home to the warm embrace of their families as soon as possible, not to fund or “support” their continuing to fight, kill and die in Bush’s quagmire. How stupid can you be! Bring them home now.

  42. Carol Shea-Porter, 1st District NH will vote NO on the Supplemental, according to Beth, an office staffer.

  43. Supporting the troops means bringing them home immediately and taking care of them when they get here.

  44. My congressman (Republican representative Henry Brown of South Carolina’s first congressional district) and both of my senators (Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint of South Carolina) all support funding for the war in Iraq. In a conservative state like South Carolina, old habits die hard and the majority of constituents here are from the military and heavily Republican. It’s highly regrettable that some people don’t see the light ahead of them.

  45. No more money and immediate troop withdrawal, that’s “doing the right thing!” Not this endless daily carnage I refer to as Bush’s Folly. It’s time for Congress to really do their job, stand up to Bush/Cheney and just say NO! Bush is a composite of Englands “Crazy King George” and Hitler all rolled into one, but with the common sense of a hampster. He has stripped this country of its self respect, it’s fiscal responsibility and its manpower, replacing it with unbridled debt, unchecked violence, economic instability and a polarized population. And, he’s done all that and more saying it’s what God told him to do. Well, my God, my Creator has told me this whole fiasco is wrong! My God says that we have no business invading and occupying soverign nations, destrying their infrastructure and killing their population on the premise of “liberating them from oppression and bringing democracy.” We have lied to those people from day one, yet we have not only allowed the lies to the Iraqi’s and Afghan’s, but we have swalloed them too. Well, my momma said, “Stupid id as stupid does” and those days are over. The load of crap that you’ve been feeding us is over! No more troops, no more money, no more war and no more job for you if you don’t act swiftly and decisively to end this insanity!

  46. We called our 3 congresspersons yesterday and urged them to vote NO on the war funding bill. We live in Idaho so those requests fell on deaf ears. We keep trying: writing and calling anyhow.

  47. Called both my senators and Lynn Woolsey and Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosis. I told them they would lose alot of support if they vote for this funding.

  48. Fattah’s office claims they do not know how he will vote.

    Casey’s office said he always votes to end the war (a lie that I called him on); but they don’t know how he is going to vote on this bill.

    Specter’s office said they don’t know how he is going to vote on this bill (but we all know how he is going to vote, don’t we?)

  49. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT WAR. When will congress and the senate list to the majority of Americans?!? We don’t want anymore funding, it only goes to companies like the bloated Halliburton. We want all of our troops home NOW. Get a backbone and stand up to the Bush Regime. No more funds! Bring troops home now! Listen to the American people … we voted you in and we can vote you out.

  50. I voted for change this past November – that is what you promised! Do the job you pledged to do back when you wanted my vote. Americans voted for change and for the end of the war!

  51. Just spoke with Cynthia from Sen. Martinez of Florida, urged No More War, it is the devil’s work to continue this war!!!!!!!

  52. STOP THE WAR NOW. THis is actually confirmation that there is little difference between the two parties—–both sell out for…….what? power? money? We, THe People, must standup and stand together and GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

  53. Quick conversation with Susan Davis’ office: I of course called on her to vote No; she is still “looking closely at” the bill which is still undergoing changes.

  54. I called Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R), Senator John Cornyn (R), and Congressperson Eddie Bernice Johnson (D). Calls went as expected.

  55. I called Democratic Congressman Chet Edwards and urged his staffer to communicate my anger and extreme disappointment that the Democratic Party had caved on the Iraq funding issue and to vote against the supplemental. Calling Senators Cornyn and Hutchison, Bush loyalists, would be a waste of time.

  56. If the leadership of the Democratic caucus doesn’t stand more firmly on issues that matter – if the Democratic caucus continues to simply fold on issues which are not “veto proof” – if the Democratic party doesn’t pursue impeachment for these liars and thieves who have stolen our Democracy – then the Democratic party is showing its true color as lazy, incompetent, and, themselves traitors to their constituency. Convenience be damned; “Veto proofness” be damned. The Democratic party has folded and given George Bush and his criminal administration exactly what it wants at every turn. Nancy Pelosi said “Impeachment is off the table”. Impeachment is a process whereby Congress may investigate the appearance of criminal activity, and if found, remove offenders from office. It is clear by now that such criminal activities have occurred and if you still refuse to begin impeachment proceedings, then you are abrogating your duty to the Constitution. If you refuse to continue fighting for an immediage end to this ghastly war, then you are abrogating your duty to your constituency.

  57. I just spoke with Congressman Lynch (Ma) office and they tell me “he has not made a decision yet”. Can you believe that?? Has he been in a Coma?

  58. I sent a fax to Senator Clinton’s office and told her PLEASE not to vote for the funding bill today. I also said that her vote would be considered in November, ’08.

  59. We must cease and desist this war. Do not fund it. It is like pouring money and lives into a bottomless pit that keeps on taking. There will be no positive outcome while we are there.

  60. We all expected much more from Democrats. The whole country wanted them to do the right thing and they can not accomplish anything or they do not care about the people’s will. How could you trust any of these lawmakers to go back to congress in the next reelection? How will they answer the families whose loved ones are dying in Iraq just because some officials are refusing to admit they are wrong? We all are human beings and make mistake; we should learn from the mistake and move one. We can not make the same mistake over and over and expect different results. Because the lives are at stake, people are dying, children lose their parents, wives loose their husbands, parents lose their kids in both US and Iraq because of these mistakes and responsible officials are not listening and doing anything. Is 70% of US and the whole world wrong about this war and only US officials are right? That’s absurd.


  62. Just say “no” to sending more of our kids to the slaughter and distroying the lives of others for our economic and political gain.

  63. We, the people, want the withdrawal of troops now. We want no futher invasion of foreign lands. The legislative brance of this democratic government is elected by people, even if corporate dollars pave the campaign trail. Campaign all you want, but don’t expect to get elected unless you vote against funding the war.


  65. Are all the Senators and Congressmen who drag their simply thinking about ’08?!!! There must be a new direction taken in the Iraq war that begins the process for the United States to rid itself of the international stigma it now has: war monger, liar, murderer, economic exploiter of whomever it can.

  66. I called Representative Gonzalez’ office twice. First time I was told that the staffer hadn’t had a chance to talk to him about how he would vote, I told him in no uncertain terms, that to tell the Congressman he HAS to vote to cut off the funds for this terrible on-going war. The excuse of “supporting our troops”, is just more “Bush et. al. speak”. These Democrats are mouthing so many of these meaningless excuses for continuing the maiming and killng of our fine young men and women, and untold Iraq citizens. The excuse of “helping them” has long ago been revealed for the lie it was from the beginning. STOP this unending mayhem, bring the troops home with all speed. As it is, it will take a many years to repair all the damage we have done to this once great land of antiquity, and they want to do more, while all the Fat Cats Oil companies continue to lap up their oil. But do they use any of their profits to pay for their war? No way, the same as they haven’t put their own lives on the line. According to them, we can all pay for it, while and send our children to be slautered, instead of them.
    Margaret L. Alber

  67. Anything less than de-funding of this war and moves to block the attack against Iran (including calling a halt to all covert actions against that state) are a betrayal of the people of this country and the people of the world as a whole. If people in Congress will not work to block this continued imperialist tendency, then the people here will have to take it to the streets once again.

  68. You are abandoning the will of the people. This means our government is not working. Do you want this country to fall because you can not do your job?

  69. I THINK JOHN EDWARDS TRULY WANTS JUSTICE AND MERCY FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. CONQUER WE MUST WHEN OUR CAUSE IS JUST—-but is it so noble. The price of oil is too high, to donate our blood.

  70. Are we receiving lip service from Democratic politicians about ending the occupation of Iraq? Sometimes I think so.

    You don’t have forever to change your character, really just a short time. It seems Democrats currently serving our country have been down so long, they don’t know what up looks like. I think of them as sometimes as refugees: too concerned about basic needs to worry about other more lofty goals.

    EVERYONE realizes that the “Iraq War” was wrong, illegal, immoral, damaging to US credibility, a failure of leadership. But nonetheless Congress is funding it fully for at least another year, probably more. Many people realize this is wrong. Perhaps that’s all that really matters.

    Some day we will have a new set of politicians in Congress, and its not at all clear that there will be much difference between them and who we have now.

    It’s probably best not to bring it too close, but instead keep it at arm’s length. But don’t stop speaking your mind about how wrong it is, how misguided those who agree with the war are, how tragic that fragile little people are causing so much destruction to others with their inventions designed to kill.

  71. Defeat the war funding bill. Stand up to this corrupt administration and stop buying into its madness. Caving in at this point only validates the “spineless” label given to the Democrats. The majority of Americans have spoken: we want our troops home – now.

  72. I have been calling both senators and my rep all week long to heavily complain about the war and that I want it to end now not later. I have been emailing and calling for years now complaining about the war. Bush is Satan reincarnated

  73. It’s now the time for extreme measures. If the only way to stop this occupation is to deny funding, then the Dems in House and Senate must do all in their power to deny funding. When there’s no money left, they will have to bring the troops home immediately. The Repub’s tired old line that removing the funding will be a disaster for our troops is crap. Providing the funding will be the disaster, resulting in thousands more unnecessary deaths.

  74. I think anyone who votes for this bill, which continues to fund the murder of innnocent lives, should be thrown out of office in the next elections. Why are people not outraged?

  75. How many times do we have to say it? How many more have to die? How many more lives have to be ruined? Get this president out and all those who have lied and got us into this disastrous place.

  76. To the second do nothing congress, the first one hundred hours you boasted about did nothing to address the reason you are in office. The rest of your time is looking more like the past six years. Those of you who voted bush war power, are backing this genocide again.

  77. We, the People, elected you to get our troops out of Iraq. Now please SUPPORT OUR TROOPS by bringing them home from this George W. Bush fiasco.

  78. Gonzalves is going to get a no confidence vote for not being able to do the job.

    The Democrats were elected to get out of Iraq, and obviously can’t do the job.

    We should add the Democratic Congress to the No Confidence vote.

  79. I called my Representative and Senators and told them not to vote for any more funding for the War in Iraq regardless of timetables. The only bill that is viable is HR 1234 (Kucinich) because it uses existing funds to execute a safe and orderly withdrawal from Iraq and prohibits any more funding for the War in Iraq. Troops would be withdrawn over the span of 90 days after the bill passes.

    Just a side note, I had to call my Senators’ DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego offices before I talked to someone because the lines were so busy, so be prepared to dial more than one office or wait a really long time to be put through.

  80. The Iraq war has just made more terrorists—solved no problems. the sooner we get our troops out the sooner we will stop losing men.

  81. Stop funding the cause,and start finding a solutin,a permanent one. Bring them home,
    soon. No more delays,Mr Bush. Stop hiding behind the Office,and see what’s really
    going on in this War.

  82. Our country is going further in debt to fund an illegal occupation. Where is the accountabillity? If we are having to borrow billions to pay for this war, then why are our troops lacking the armor they need? Why are they neglected when they come back from war with physical and mental injuries? Why is the reconstruction effort being bungled and contracts still being awarded to U.S. corporations who overcharge the American people for doing a bad job in our name? Where is our money going?

    We are being overcharged, and our military is being undermined. This war, it seems, is just a platform to destroy our military in order to justify it’s privitization. Halliburton and Blackwater are thriving off of the pain and suffering of the Iraqi people, as well as the economic ruin of our country.

  83. Sneaky Pete Domenici and Heather the War Whore Wilson. Poor New Mexico and the young Native American and Hispanic men and women who are dying because of them and the fascists in the White House who are running this show. I am ashamed of the Democrats and hope they have long sleepless nights for their betrayal of those who voted for them to end this mess. Treason comes in many different forms and the current three branches of government are guilty of it in any and all forms that you could imagine. D.C. as I recall has quite enough trees to hang them all.

  84. Bring these kids home now.Let Bush and the congressmen and senators go over there and take their place.See how fast they will end this thing if somebody is shooting at their asses.

  85. Do not give Bush another blank check. This is what he somehow seems to get all the time during this horrible administration. Please insist that we bring our troops home now and end our involvement in Iraq’s Civil War. Bush wanted Saddam Hussein and he got him. “Mission Accomplished” so let us bring our troops home and focus on getting our own country back to what it once was when Bill Clinton Was president.

  86. Dont fund anymore ,and bring the troops home…so many have died already,,,Let Bush go over there and do some fighting,,,,,,Wonder what hed say then??

  87. Hot is cold. Black is white. Wrong is right .War is peace. Truth is lies. Support the troops is use them as pawns in a failed political war. Funding is death. No funds bring them home.

    They, those who profit from this carnage, tell us that not funding the war would take the bullets out of our troops guns, leaving them sitting targets for slaughter. When they are the ones who knowingly sent troops on a deadly fools errand. Stop the carnage. Stop the bleeding. Stop the lies.
    Bring them home.

  88. This war is destroying our country. The rest of the world thinks we have gone crazy. The American people spoke at the last election. We want out!!! If the Senators and Representatives will not do what we want , then we will have to vote them out also.

  89. If our original intention had been one of fair and peaceful intervention we would not have gone to war.

    NOW IT IS TIME… for us to stop fighting and get on with the”ugliness” of peace that the U. S. Congress is apparently fearful of. It’s time we put our foot down to president and his neo-con benefactors and say, “No! No more funding of their war!”

  90. No one is listening to the advice of a few, including the Baker-Hamilton commission, that we should enter into discussions with the countries surrounding Iraq and any others that wish to be involved to find a solution to this mess. We allowed Bush to get us into it, so we are obligated to do what we can to get out with honor. This means no timeline but it does mean active involvement with the other countries to bring it to an end. Bush’s surge and his Plan B certainly are not the solution, and we should not be supporting it.

  91. I called Claire McCaskill and Ike Skelton per your request….Jeremy didn’t know how Ms.McCaskill was voting……Dana didn’t get a chance to ask Skelton how he was voting. They were both very curteous ans attentive and said they would pass along my strong message.

  92. Either stand up to this failed administration to stop the war now – or get out of the way. A yes vote on the extension of Bush’s incompetent Iraq surge “plan?” will mean no votes for your re-election. We know Bush is using our troops to secure Iraq for the oil interests of huge corporations. One of the benchmarks in this bill gives these corporations 70% of the profits on Iraqi oil. This is criminal – and if Democrats support this blatant capitalism at all costs with no concern about our soldier’s lives or our reputation as a country that used to be fair and humanitarian – the American people will make sure you are voted out of office.

  93. The Democratic congress won’t do this. They are already pushing the limits with regard to ticking off moderate voters. They don’t want to be seen (whether correctly or incorrectly) as compromising our troops. Sometimes taking the right stance means being very unpopular and the Dems in congress aren’t ready to be unpopular.

  94. Keith Olbermann | The Entire Government Has Failed Us on Iraq
    Keith Olbermann presents a special comment on betrayal saying, “For the
    president – and the majority leaders and candidates and rank-and-file
    congressmen and senators of either party – there is only blame for this shameful
    and bi-partisan betrayal.”

  95. This president has his own agenda. He does not care about the people’s wishes.
    Yet: Were is the outrage? He has committed crimes against humanity, against international law, against our constitution. Why is there not a stronger movement to impeach him?

    As to the members of congress who support him, we must vote them out of office. Meantime, bombard them with letters of our discontent.


  97. Congress: Get a backbone….stop funding this illegal and immoral war! Impeach this corrupt Republican administration! What is wrong with you??? Can’t you see this war affects generations to come???

    My family will not vote for ANYONE that votes for this war in any manner!

  98. Stop this war now!!!

    We can’t afford it!
    We don’t have the troops to support it!!
    We are killing innocent people!!

    Where is bin Laden??

  99. This administration and this war are a criminal enterprise. Vote no or you become an accessory to the crimes.

  100. Now is the hour to show the American people that you heard what they said. Support the troops by bringing them home. Do not fund this illegal occupation! What’s Bush going to do – call you names? Is this new? Do not cave, do not cave, do not cave.

  101. Wayne Allard’s office will not state his position on war funding.
    I left a message at Ken Salazar’s office.
    I spoke with a real person at Ed Perlmutter’s office – I did not ask his position since he has always voted against this insane, immoral, deathly war.

    Keep in mind that the news NEVER reports the number of mercenary (Blackwater) deaths. So in addition to the 3400+ U.S. troop deaths and the many many thousands of Iraqi deaths, there are unreported casualites among U.S. contract soldiers.

    Wouldn’t switching to alternative fuels shed much less blood?????????????

  102. May 24th, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time.

    Left a message at Barbara Boxer’s office, just asking that she vote NO regaridng any further funds for war in Iraq.

  103. We have to stop this carnage NOW!!! How can we justify letting it go on. Bush is so bullheaded he will never change. He will continue to tell us lies and try to convince us that the bad guys will come over here and get us if we don’t do what he (Bush) says. Well let them come. If we had all our troops home, we could kick some butt. Bush is all talk and keeps bad mouthing Congress, now that it is not all Republicans who used to kiss his butt and write him a blank check for anything he wanted . So let him talk, but you stick to your guns and don’t back down from this cheerleading bully. He must be stopped. Please don’t fail us!!!

  104. I both agree and disagree with no more funding. Personally I don’t want to see any more soldiers shipped there, but the second president Bush put troops into the Middle East was the second the US would be locked in a very long and torn war.

    I am looking at this from both democratic and republican point of view. Now, there is no way that we can just pull all the troops out. As soon as we do there is a very high chance that Israel will drop their nuclear bomb on the enemy territory. This would lead to total chaos in the Middle East as well as all of Europe, which in turn could maybe even lead to WWIII.

    This puts us in a difficult position because if we leave troops in there it just means more will die. What needs to be done is the government needs to find a smart way of somehow getting our troops out but also find some way of maintaining control over there.

    I fully support our troops, but I do not support the war.

  105. I think we need to vote out the incumbents in any elections so they can hear us, the only thing they care about is that vote right before the election, after that bye bye America.

  106. We must remember that we elected REPRESENTATIVES who should be listening to what their constituency is saying. What are we saying? We demand an end to the Iraq war, a war that never should have happened.

  107. I agree with Noureddine Benahmed that we should vote every incumbent who did not oppose the war out of office the next time around. We should announce this position up front and then work to put these backboneless politicians out of office.

  108. You might think I am crazy but I am going to say this. You bring the troops home, then what happens in the middle east? THe terrorist will have full control. Nuclear Weapons will be used against us. We will be hurt badly. What happens when we bring our troops home? We have no defence. We are now easy targets.

  109. George Bush and company just got exactly what they wanted and the Dems look weak. I agree to vote everyone out who voted for this bill. Show them the people mean business! No backbone, no votes.

  110. Going into Iraq was a mistake. Now it has become only one battle in this war but it is still a mistake. Why continue to support and fund a mistake? If Bush and co. want to continue this mistake, let them fund it with private funds and fight it with their private army [Blackwater, Haliburton, et al] and anyone else who thinks this mistake should be continued. The primary battle in this war still awaits along the Afghani/Pakistani border. Osama and co. aren’t going anywhere.

  111. America’s invasion of Iraq was based on a pack of lies. Now the Administration is threatening Iran. Where will it stop? Where is the “advice and consent” of Congress? It certainly is not evident in the spineless caving to every insane request of a power-mad administration. I’ve urged my “Congress-critters” to vote NO on any more money to underwrite this war. It has created a new generation of would-be terrorists all over the world, some of whom used to admire the US. Bringing our troops home would, if nothing else, bring them out of harm’s way by removing them as a target in the middle of Iraq’s civil war.

  112. B y giving in to Bush and his Perpetual War Machine, the Democrats have become accomplices to his many crimes.

  113. I left a message with Congressman LaHood of Illinois to vote “NO.” His secretary accepted the information and took my name and addres. I would have told her more–about the futile waste of the war and the need for a stronger bill, but she only wanted “the facts, Ma’am.

  114. I called Diana DeGette, Dist 1, CO, 5/22 to tell her of my disappointment and demand that she not only vote no but it was her duty to get er coleagues to do same. I didn’t care if it was calling in favors, blackmail or getting on her knees to beg…No More Politics for Blood; I called Madam Speaker to tell her how DEEPLY ashamed I was that she had failed us so badly. Her promise to have a bill before the holiday resulted in this travesty. She dishonored her position and her seat. No matter how she voted, she is responsible and the blood is now on the hands of the Congress for their inaction and refusal to stop the war. This was what we asked of them when we worked so hard to get them elected, GET OUT OF IRAQ and they faied us, lied to us and betrayed us
    I called Senator Allard, R, CO and Ken Salazar, D (ha!), CO to relay my utter disgust with both of them in their inability to follow a simple, moral mandate of 70% ++ of the American people – Get out of Iraq. No politics for blood. They should all be thoroughly ashamed and I will do what ever I can to make sure that Salazar moves out of DC after one term. Allard is just following along with his master like Renfield to Dracula
    I have left messages for about 40 other senators and representatives with those messages. I don’t care if I am a constituent or not, I helped make calls to get these guys elected and they betrayed our trust.
    I have written letters to the editors of all local papers andasked them to publish the following OPEN LETTER TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY:

    So ya just had to get home for the holiday? Barbecue on the beach waiting? Too much fun in the sun planned? Our children Rot while you frolic this weekend……..
    Well, you have stunned a nation and sorely pissed off millions who hung change at your door.
    I am ASHAMED that I actually worked to get you people elected.
    We worked hours, days, weeks, months…..7.1 million calls in 5 days….7.1 million people we pushed to get out and vote you into the sacred offices that you have just sold to Bush and the rest of the vampires in the Oval Office
    THE BLOOD IS NOW ON YOUR HANDS – there are 6 quarts of blood in an adult human; 1.5 gallons of the life force pulsing through the veins of each one of those American soldiers in the desert.
    5,146.5 gallons of that life force from those who were raised on the American continent; who joined the military for a variety of reasons from poverty to patriotism, manipulation to misinformation, and their blood now soaks the sands in the Middle East. They did not get to finish school, kiss their new baby, tell their wife or husband how much they missed their families or say good-bye to their parents. They did not get the chance you have to live and grow old with dignity and grace. Instead their blood feeds the sands making sticky ochre of dust and blackened goo…Burnt red clays under a hot sun

    You have nothing to say to the citizens who have been screaming in the streets; who hired you to speak for them; and who simply asked you to bring an end to this illegal and immoral death sentence Bush has given our children and the children of those lands in the Middle East
    Yours is a black heart and a soul worthless and inhuman
    You decided to pour the blood of our children into the mouth of the war machine and you are now eager participants in this most unholy of Crusades


  115. They people are saying we don’t want the war it is outrageous that those we have elected into office listen to the corporate lobby instead of the people. It’s time we got rid of all who will not listen. The blood of all those who die on both sides is on the hands of those who will not vote to end this war.

  116. I have seen the impact that this war has had on families. Those who lost their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and others have had to grieve for their lost love ones. For those whose relatives and friends are still alive or have actually returned home, there is the mental and sometimes physical impact that our presence in the Middle East has had. My future brother-in-law can be called back until 2008 after serving once already in Iraq and Afghanistan. He might even miss his wedding! No more blood, no more pain, no more pointless wars! Bring our troops home for good!

  117. Dude y’all… yeah, this is a troll-ish posting, and I agree… I want our boys home last week. There’s only one problem with that: We’re not done in Iraq. Sure, we don’t like this war, sure we don’t like it that our sons, brothers, mothers, fathers, and friends are dying over there but the reality of the situation is that their efforts over there REALLY DO maintain our freedom and ability to protest this war over here.

    Our planet is way too globalized for any of us to think that a free Iraq crumbling due to our premature departure won’t come back and bite us in our collective behind. If Iraq falls, that means we’ve let the terrorists win on top of supplying them with a readily available home-base country to operate from within. That means more deaths of other around the world, more Iraqi deaths, more dead innocent children, more dreams and lives shattered. Sure, that stuff is happening to us now, but freedom isn’t free. We all know this. If you think you’re entitled to your freedom without some sacrifice somewhere by someone to maintain it, then you need to read your history books and remember how and why our country is as great as it is.

    We MUST win over there. We have no choice. If you want to get mad at somebody, get mad at Rumsfeld. It was HIS poor decision making that got us where we are. He authorized HALF the troops recommended by the GENERALS of our various armed forces branches, and then REDUCED the troop level after we’d taken Saddam down. Our generals (professional soldiers mind you who have devoted their lives to learning the most effective and least casualty prone methods of combat) requested 400,000 troops based upon the results of simulations and war games that had been run prior to our invasion. Rumsfeld gave them 250,000 in a lame, ill-fated and probable attempt to show that American technology could make up for lack of numbers. He ignored everyone and got us stuck in a situation with no way out.

    You say support our troops by bringing them home. I say support Iraq by keeping them there. That country deserves a fighting chance that they’ve never had before, a chance that we’ve all taken for granted. Come on everyone. Give a positive resolution a chance. Yes, it isn’t as pretty and neat as any of us would like, but staying until the job is done is the best possible course of action for everyone involved. If you disagree with me, that’s okay because our soldiers have died all over the world to make sure you retain that right.

  118. Thousands are fed up with this WAR mess we are in. Why don’t we – our country – stand up and act to get out!

  119. When will we start working on peace? We have a War Committee, now we need the Peace Commitee, which is being talked about. There are so many Iraqis being killed also, which is not being talked about. We need to teach negotiations, peace, and we need to ask our lawmakers to start sometime, and that is now.

  120. Well, so much for the 2006 historical vote!

    Why can’t the Congress see what so many Americans can see – that all this talk about “supporting the troops” is just a technique this president uses to yank at heartstrings, because he knows it works. Well, he HASN’T supported the troops very well anyway. This bill will give plenty of money to the well-supplied and well-paid mercenaries that he regards has his troops, and will give his contractor friends more cash to stuff into their mattresses. OUR exhausted, overworked, underpaid, ill, and highly stressed troops might, MIGHT, get the dregs. With this White House, such has it always been.

    We also know Bush is preparing for YET ANOTHER surge. I hope it is not for attacking Iran! Of course, once they are over there, we will have to “support” them, when refusing THIS money might have kept them home!

  121. The 2006 vote had little to do with the war. The Dems who defeated incumbent Republicans or won in Republican areas; won because they moved to the right of the Republicans. The cry of the lefty loons desparate for validation is the vote was about the war. It was not.

    Either pull out now (100% surrender) or fight it to the end (100% victory) those are the only two options. Period.

  122. How could you possible say you love this country? You’re just like all the rest of the greedy, power hungry in Washington. One post says give them a fighting chance. They are a people of many. If they want a change, let them fight and die for it. We can’t change a way of life that has existed since Jesus walked on earth. We can’t invade a country and demand they change their way of living, when they don’t all agree or want another way of life. As with Vietnam. Has Washington learned nothing. We lost 58,000 American soldiers so 58,000 could flee their country and live in freedom here in the United States. As in Jraq. They flee their own country. Stand up and fight for your freedom. Our soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq isn’t for our freedom. Their leader for 30 years was a madman but not near the threat to the U. S, as other countries are today. We cannot free the whole world or fight the whole world. This war is insane. Bring them home today. They are exhausted, tired, worn out. Send every Iraqi who fled living in the U.S. and other countries back to their country to fight for it. The bottom line is, we should not have invaded Iraq and since we have done more harm than good, end it now. No more lives for lost cause. They are in civil war, let them battle ir out. The whole world is sick of this war. We are disgraced, detested, hated around the world because of this insane decision to invade, declare war on another country. The first administration to do it. Killed thousands and thousands of innocent women and children. Can no one in Washington see that?

  123. Iraq was none of our business. A democracy? Ha it’s only a rouse for Bush’s incompetency. Because an organized nation is less of a threat than a disorganized one. I’ve been a fan of phase withdrawal but I’m strongly considering ‘cut and run’.

  124. How can you let Bush have his way! There was no compromise from his side. He like a child threw a tantrum till he got his way and you are giving it to him. DON’T! He is ruining this country Stop the madness.

  125. On Wednesday I called the offices of my Senators and Representative and left messages with the actual persons who answered: no more funding for Bush’s war; bring the troops home now. I believe a mandate was issued last November, yet few seem to feel a need to comply. Then I called Nancy Pelosi’s office. When the person who answered realized i wanted to actually say something, I was transferred to a machine where I left a message stating how excited I had been when she was elected Speaker of the House; how very sad and angry I am at her current stance; that I am totally disappointed in her at this juncture. Next I called Russ Feingold’s office and told the person who answered that I was calling to thank Senator Feingold for his stance on Iraq; that I’m so delighted that SOMEONE is paying attention to what the majority of people in this country are saying: stop the war; no more funding; bring the troops home. I have tried to call Kucinich’s office to thank him, but have yet to get through. Why is it so difficult for these elected officials to understand what we are saying? Don’t vote more money for Bush’s war and tell me that we have achieved a great victory. That just does not fly. I am so ashamed to be a part of a country that so disrespects human dignity, and tries to put a positive spin on something that is so very negative..

  126. Stop funding the war. In a democracy citizens vote to shape policy. We voted in Nov. 2006 to STOP THE WAR NOW!

  127. The the only option that I can see as potentially successful in stopping a war in Iraq is to take hold the purse strings and stop funding the war. As long as funds continue to be allocated for the Iraq war, it will continue and our soldiers will not permitted to come home. Please exert whatever pressure you can put an end to allocating taxpayer monies for the war.

  128. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I heard just about an hour ago that Congress has gone ahead & given Fuhrer George II the green light for yet, more funding to keep his war going until the end of his cursed administration. So it looks like the amerikkkan Nazi Party has gone & got their way once again. Will somebody with the brains & the backbone (not to mention the thirst for justice) finally do what has to be done & get rid of that retarded Nazi, once & for all?

  129. When will it end? When the “new” congress came into office there was big talk, the people of have spoken and they want change. We are still waiting. We want the war ended and the death toll to stop. Can we make it anymore clear.


  130. More than 100 American journalists, more than 850 American contract mercenaries, more than 1,000 American aid workers and public contractors, and more than 3,400 American soldiers have already died—and more than 51,000 American soldiers and civilians have sustained mental and physical handicaps that will likely affect them for the rest of their lives; our family, friends, and neighbors, over in a distant land they ought not be. These aren’t numbers…these are people.

    As a nation, we came together in sorrow and anger when 2,979 people tragically lost their lives during the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

    Yet what about the Americans who have died in Iraq since then —a number which far exceeds the number of casualties sustained on 9/11? These aren’t people who died as a result of a terrorist attack on a civilian target on our homeland, but just as tragically, they are lives which have been lost because they were blithely put on the frontline of danger in a political red herring; a line of danger in front of which they don’t belong. A deadly battlefield that serves no purpose or benefit to our country and one that has only brought unfathomable instability, lawlessness, and pain that didn’t exist before; one which has bred both terrorism and anti-American sentiment, resulting in the world being a much more dangerous place for generations to come.

    Why are we not as incensed by the tragic deaths of even more Americans, who continue to die in the shadow of 9/11, yet for reasons having nothing to do with legacy of 9/11?

    And for what? It seems each week we are told that it is in support of a different reason, probably because each previous reason was based more on spin, than foundation. Did we attack Iraq because they trained and funded those who attacked us on 9/11? No, that was the Saudi Arabians. Did we attack Iraq because they were building and storing Weapons of Mass Destruction? No, that was North Korea and Iran. Did we do it to be welcomed as liberators in Iraq? How about to bring stability and peace to Iraq? Nope, try again. How about to get oil to pay for the war, to help rebuild Iraq, and provide us with access an inexpensive source of crude oil? No, nope, and negative.

    Sadly, the most common reason used for why we are still in Iraq is to “support of our troops,” which is a slap in the face to our troops; and each time it is used, it discounts the risk and responsibility our soldiers are shouldering every day. It’s a statement which takes their sacrifice in vain and twists it to serve any purpose desired by those who condescend to use that as a tool for their agenda. I say this because once anyone says that we are doing it “for the troops,” any rebuttal can be manipulated to suggest an anti-Patriotic position. It has become an easy device of the weak-minded to continue to justify any action that sends even more of our brave young heroes into the ring of fire.

    Especially not when they claim that everything they do, they do for the troops…so how about doing something such as giving them proper body armor, or armored Humvees, or pre-deployment training, or humane periods of down-time between tours, or reductions in tour-length, or stress training, or well-maintained VA hospitals, or proper pay and benefits.

    Please don’t get me wrong: I support our troops by wanting those still fighting to come home, alive and well—and by not sitting quietly as people try to use them as a “talking point” to push a self-satisfying agenda.

    “I think that we do a great disrespect to the history of this country when we lose our ability to apply a balance to the way we think; focusing on our triumphs and ignoring our failures, focusing on our heroics and ignoring our criminality. What’s wrong with America is when Presidential Candidates must separate criticism of our democracy from the discussion of their platforms. What’s wrong with America is the way in which we are being forced more and more to equate criticism as something counter to democracy, when, in fact, it’s the core of it.” – Sean Penn, 5/4/07

    I respect our soldiers and I love my country, but that doesn’t mean that I have to support a military offensive that doesn’t help us or help the people in the country we invaded. And it especially doesn’t mean that I have to blindly support a Presidential Administration, which clearly doesn’t support the “will of the people” it was elected to serve and represent. Hell, with the way our Administration “supports our troops,” who needs enemies?

    No, I say, I am loyal to my country and I am loyal to the Constitution of the United States of America, not to someone who abuses those two things in spite of his Title.

  131. oh, for crying out loud, stop this Neocon cabal and their PNAC agenda. It’s destroying Iraq and America and our Allies. War is not a noble cause in a civilized society . Just STOP IT!

  132. We rapidly lose our status as world’s leading nation by this unconscionable continuation of an illegal incursion against another sovereign country. Al Qaida is the target, not Iraq — let stealth efforts be made re AQ, not open warfare against an innocent people. Until the miscreant Bush is out of office, no troop orders can be trusted from the top. therefore no further troop funding can be reasonably made to bolster this wrong-headed war, in reality a blow to Americans everywhere as faith in the aims of democracy falters.

  133. ‘If we tolerate this, then are children will be next’

    NO way am I supporting this war. Children are dying, all the iraqi people are being left with his hate, guilt and desolation. All the troops are being left with is hate guilt and desolation.
    I cannot condone anything which takes the lives of innocent people and children, because in the end it could be my family and my children next – and I would hope if I was in that situation that people would be brave enough to help me.

  134. Any elected official who votes for continuation of funding Bushes private war is not supporting the troops. They are adding to the lists of our young men and women who are being killed, amputated of arms and legs and being mentally impaired for the rest of their lives. America take note of whoever votes for funding and vote for their ouster of public office the next election. No funding. Bring the troops home.

  135. We’ve lost the war in Iraq, and the only option in my mind is retreating our troops from an unsafe country that we’re unwelcome in, so why doesn’t our president see this?
    He’s still obsessed with war and has bullied Congress into giving him a blank check for his insane endless war in Iraq.
    I’ve heard of a bull in a China shop, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a bulls— in a China shop, in the form of our nonhuman robot/Saddam Hussein-like stubborn mule demander in creep who just won’t budge from a country that he ruthlessly invaded.
    GWB doesn’t care about the troops at all, and never really has cared about the troops either, so this latest bullying to Congress proves that to be the case.
    He wants absolute power all the time, and it’s time for some backbone in Congress.
    The sooner the better.
    Why was this creep ever ‘elected’ president in the first place?
    He’s a total sham as a president.

  136. Listen up you bunch of would be activists: Pulling our troops out of Iraq tommorrow is tantamount to collapsing, the less then stabil, stability of the entire middle east.

    Let us speak reasonably and request that a realistic troop withdraw be set in motion. One that allows for some form of government to be put in place in Iraq. It does not have to be a government that is democratic in nature, it simply has to be capable of insuring some level of secutiry in the major cities and to the different people with in the country. Even the crowd favorite, Barak O’bama acknowledges that an immediate troop with draw is impossible.

    Why not put some of the vim and vigor that I have read in some of your responses into action. Why not organize a drive in which you gather needed items and then bulk mail them to the troops over seas, which need our support? Oh, that’s right, you plan on getting wasted and doing some frat guy who may then invite you back to the Frat house on another occasion thus increasing your social standing and so you don’t really have the time.

    The problem with the majority of college age children is; that you are all for doing something for ‘the cause’ unless it inconvienences you. I really don’t know why I have even bothered to respond here at all, the vast majority of you do not vote anyway.

    So all of your ranting comes thus to nothing!

  137. What has to happen before the people truly have solidarity and stand up to the president and this fascist administration? As a friend of mine said recently, “Does this guy have to eat a baby on live television? How many more laws can he break and how many people can he murder before people question his decisions?”

    What has happened to this country’s government and the Iraqi people is nothing less than a tragedy.

  138. Well said, Mark. Y’all, the truth of the matter is that no matter what we think about this war, how we got here, or how many bad decisions lead us to where we are now, the stakes are too high on a global and long-term security scale to leave now. 100% victory is really our only option. Do you want to see 9/11 happen again? Well, chances are that it will if we leave. We MUST stay the course and get things done. This whole war is turning around. General Petraus (sp?) is doing the job he promised he would do: get real results.

    If you have any doubts or want to get solid information on the war on the ground, check out the blog my posting name links to. It isn’t MY blog but it is the blog of a well respected journalist named Michael Yon who IMHO could be this war’s Joe Galloway. If you don’t know Joe Galloway, Google him.

  139. There is no such thing as 100% victory in a war with terrorism. Such a ‘war’ is unlike any warfare ever waged before. It cannot be won militarily. 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq, so whether or not we leave Iraq has no bearing on whether we will be attacked again. 9/11 wasa warning to the US to stay out of mid-East affairs. We ahve not done so; we have in fact made the situation there more unstable and increased enmity to the US. Staying in Iraq increases our chances of being attacked again.

  140. Senator Gordon Smith still wants to have it both ways, enabling Bush while projecting a moderate face to Oregon’s Democratic-majority electorate.

  141. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    What a bunch of freaking babies! Get over it! The liberal peace-nicks have to get a super-majority or you’ll never overcome a veto.

    You dems that buy Pelosi’s crap about what a great victory you got in the last election are kidding yourselves. You can’t force any legislation with a slim majority. That’s how you kept the republicans from getting anything done when they had the slim majority.

    Bottomline, doesn’t matter if you were/are for/against the war. It’s on and the only way to get it over is to unleash the hounds and get that crap-heap nation secure. Pacify yourselves with the BILLIONS the left added on to the bill for liberal spending, not to mention the hike in minimum wage that will kill our economy.

  142. I do vote and I will vote to the extent of my personal capabilities against any and all of those who vote for funding this war.

    Representatives are called that for a reason. They are supposed to be representing us(the people). If they fail to do so, they will be voted out. Its an imperfect system and I’m increasingly discusted with it. Anyways. We can not continue to focus our assets on a war front where we can’t win. You say we need to stay there or they will come here. Maybe. Probably not. How are they gonna get here? And here, they will be pretty recognizeable…. not able to hide amongst the population like they do up to now.

    I say we cut the funding immediately. Bring the troops home. And re-focus on the real threats that have yet to be properly addressed. Frat parties? We don’t vote? Hold a drive? Yeah right. Nonsense. I am willing to deal with the consequences of getting out of Iraq. If you are not, thats your problem. A majority voted for change in November. You were apparently not amongst that majority. I empathize with you. I wasn’t amongst those who voted for JACKASS either time. And I was fearful for what lied ahead at that time but now I know more still and I’m worried whether our country can survive… financially or constitutionally.

  143. Thats classic. The minimum wage increase will kill our economy. The rights say the lefts tax and spend. Well guess what, the rights borrow and spend. The difference is… one requires pain now. Self sacrifice. The other requires future generations to shoulder that pain… Its irresponsible.

    So by your logic… the economy is gonna steam along fine with a huge debt( and the drain necessary to pay the interest) but will collapse if employers have to pay a living wage. You spew about wanting to stabilize Iraqies but have no regard for your own at home who are struggling to survive on a minimum wage thats not enough for so many to make it.

    If anything is certain…. its this. Your party has created such a mess and proven so irresponsible that nobody is gonna vote republican again. I predict that the next election will push even more republicans out of office. You’ve made your bed… now sleep.

  144. Patriot is that one who does not deceive his/her Earth, love and takes care of it.
    Patriot is that one who rocks in his/her heart, with songs that learned from Mother Nature, the Earth that saw him/her be born.
    Patriot is that one who always sees in his/her Earth, a great opportunity.
    Patriot is that one who progresses and overcomes all the obstacles, in name of his/her Earth.
    Patriot is that one who smiles of satisfaction, when listens to his/her brothers and sisters sing.
    Patriot is that one who is proud, when listening others to flatter his/her Earth.
    Patriot is that one who do not keep arms crossed when his/her Earth requests to seeds it, and protects the fruit of its furrows.
    Patriot is that one who totally understands the meaning of the proverb that says: The Earth is not thirsty of the blood of the soldiers, but of the sweat of its men.

  145. Imagine a world without poverty… Let’s Wage Peace – use this money to save lives, to make lives better – not to destroy, not to kill.

  146. Oh please. What the **** do you think the military is for? Don’t you see ANY value in allowing women to go to school, vote in ellections, etc? Don’t you realize that we’re training large numbers of Iraqi police officers to do the job our troops are currently doing? They just need a bit more time. I’ve spoken to people who’ve been there. Hell, I’m enlisting in the USMC in two weeks, I’m in the recruiters office twice a week, I talk to guys fresh back from BootCamp and The Sandbox, and you idiots are completely alone in your mindset.

    Spend the money. Slow the rate of women being beaten by their husbands…with democracy and civil rights, that practice may well cease to exist within a century or two. It may take that long, but even in America, women didn’t get the right to vote until 50 after the Civil rights act. We made progress, so can they. Fund the troops.

  147. I missed the invitation to comment yesterday, I am extremely sorry that I missed the opportunity and am even more concerned about the complete rollover of the Democratic Congress and especially disgusted with the Republican hard-liners that refuse to even critisize this horrible excuse we have for a President at this point in history.

    I am a Real Estate Broker, a business man and Viet Nam era veteran and a father of two children and four grandchildren. One of my daughters was an Air Force Officer recently separated from active duty. While I will gladly admit that I have been a life long member of the Democratic party and a proud liberal American I have voted for Republican candidates in past elections. At this point I really don’t want to vote for any individual from either party, I will most likely vote for Democrats exclusively as the lesser of two evils (maybe with one or two exceptions). I am just “that” disgusted with the leadership or actually non-leadership in this country. We need to stand up to this beligerant bully GWB and do it now. Being from Oregon I am extremely disgusted with Gordon Smith at this point in time, while talking a hard line, it seems he does nothing but cave to Neo-con pressure when the going gets rough. I am not really that happy with the Democrats from this State at this time either.

    This had better be President bush’s last harrah. He should not have had this one. The rest of the civilized world is laughing at our country our President and our other political leaders and the American people and the civilians of the countries this war effects are taking the total brunt of our involvement in this folly.

    We are less safe today than we were in September 2001 and that is not going to change with the continued lies, power struggles and fear-mongering festering in our current National strategy. How many more Americans, Iraqi’s and others have to die before WE GET IT! This last bill better be the end to this BS.

    All I have left to say is, it is time to IMPEACH Mr. Bush and Mr, Cheney and bring some sanity back to America

  148. We need to accept the fact that the US Imperial design for the Middle East, i.e. controlling the oil, is shared by both Democrats and Republicans. It has been since 1945!

  149. I am against funding the war. We need to stop funfing it . No funds the troops will come home. We have lost and mained enough of are young people for not reason. They got rid of Sadam thats what they were sent there for. Why are we still there? They don’t want us there anyway. They have been fighting among themselves for thousands of years and will be still until time ends. What do you think the people wanted when they sent new members to congress this last election?


  151. I am ashamed to be called a Democrat. I am not going to contribute to any democratic campaign ever. I will be voting Independent from now on.

  152. THEY HAVE FOUND THE MISSING BETWEEN APES AND MAN – IT IS US. GOODBYE. “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings” . The (rich) people have spoken and they voted in Bush not once but twice dtuig? The great only appear great because we are on our knees- let us rise! Killing is wrong but doing it because you are ordered to by someone else is even worse. Another generation damned to a post war living hell because of political blundering and lies. Oh what a lovely war!

  153. my son the defense contractor, halliburton, the oil industry, bush and cheney are all
    making a fortune by making the war last forever, and it ‘s only cost is to bankrupt america and massacre 3000+ young american troops who are dying without cause.
    to prez bush, what goes around, surely comes around. he should have listened.

  154. no way can you blame the democrats . the bush veto wins everytime with out the
    biparty majority vote over ridding the killer.

  155. I had read in the newspaper that 20 of our troops were killed in 4 days. And if that doesn’t wake up Bush and Congress than I’m afraid nothing will. I dread seeing the news or reading it for fear another soldier has died and really for no good reason.
    I just wish a miracle would happen so that Bush would finally loose his power and impeachment would take place.

  156. G.W. ought to realize that WE THE PEOPLE are only going to take so much before we have another BOSTON TEA PARTY. WE THE PEOPLE did get rid of one “king” George…must it be done again? IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH…BUSH/CHENEY. Congress is not much better…it seems no one wants to do what they were elected to do, “REPRESENT”. The ills of the nation finally rests with those individuals who realize WE THE PEOPLE must no longer sit on our behinds, but must stand up and be counted. If OUR government is unable to hear US and OUR DECISION at (over) 60%, what more will it take?

  157. Is Congress even listening to the American people?? We do not want this war!!! The lies and deception have gone on long enough. No timelines means capitulating to Bushs’ will AGAIN!! Enough is enough.

  158. Dear Friend,

    Yesterday, I voted against the Iraq war funding bill that Congress has now approved. The bill provides additional funding for the next four months of the war in Iraq and includes a limited and weak set of benchmarks that the Iraqi government must meet to continue to receive American reconstruction aid. While this short-term funding bill is a small step in the right direction because it sets benchmarks that President Bush had previously opposed, I voted against it because it did not do more to begin to end the war.

    There are many people in the Bay Area and throughout the country who are frustrated and greatly disappointed that Congress has not yet been able to establish clear timetables to begin to redeploy American forces out of Iraq, a step that is necessary to reduce the fighting in Iraq and remove American forces from what is clearly a civil war among Iraqi factions. I share that frustration.

    The President remains defiant despite the desires and hopes of the majority of Americans, the majority of the Congress, and expert opinion inside and outside of the United States military. And while the President is morally and strategically wrong on the war in Iraq, the political facts are clear, if unpleasant: the President prevailed in this latest round with Congress because with Democrats holding only a one-vote margin in the Senate and a small majority in the House, he has enough votes in Congress to sustain a veto of any bill that would force a responsible and substantial change in the war in Iraq.

    Without a responsible plan to exit Iraq, our troops will need funding to protect themselves and carry out their mission. There is not a member of Congress who doubts that our troops have done everything asked of them and must be fully protected. But we must have a plan to exit Iraq.

    The majority of congressional Democrats, along with a small group of Republicans, have tried repeatedly and voted repeatedly to stop this war, and we are not done. We will continue to pursue a substantial change in policy so that we can end this war. We will continue to try to persuade additional Members of the House and Senate to pay closer attention to the Americans’ views and the opinions of the experts on this war.

    I will continue to oppose this war. And I believe that in the end we will prevail. It will certainly not have occurred as soon as I or many others would have liked. But we will prevail. For now, there clearly are still not enough votes to override President Bush’s veto and overcome his refusal to change course in Iraq. That difficult fact will not change without even greater pressure on those who continue to support the President’s failed policy.


    George Miller

  159. I just got through expressing my outrage and disgust with “my” Senator, Bill Nelson of Florida’s “Yea” vote, and the spin that his office is giving is pure C%*P!!! The woman I spoke with said that they realize we shouldn’t be there (in Iraq) in the 1st place–DUHHH–but that we need to focus on getting the Iraqi army trained and ready to step up and get our guys out of the cross fire. When I asked her why Nelson voted against the Reid-Feingold amendment that had timelines, she said March 2008 was too hasty a timeline–???? I can’t believe that they think that kind of “rationale” will stay afloat!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! HEY CONGRESS—WE’RE NOT STUPID!!!!!!!



  161. Please have a backbone, please do not fund any more money to keep this war going..

    We need those US soliders back home to their families right now!

  162. i called my rep, Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), 2nd district, and her office claimed she was going to vote against it. I didn’t call the senators. I thought the vote was yesterday, so didn’t think it made sense to call today.

  163. I read some posts and i am ashamed at you. You think the troops don’t need to be funded, all of those troops cant leave at once. When there is a fall back, the troops will die more exponentially without funding. Giving up is not a good way to win a war. If the troops leave now, the middle east will fall into a state of either selfdestruction or total militia takeover. Anybody who can give me 5 reasons the troops should leave that i cant knock down, I’ll change my views. P.S. if you wonder what the middle east being in a state of disrepair has to do with you, you’re worst than the radical muslims because the only human life you care about is your american troops. At least the damn muslims of different countries come together rather than you hypocrits who say you love all human beings but cant watch as others even try to help! I’d die rather than give up in the middle of a fight against evil. Al Queda probably isn’t that big anymore, a few video tapes of some long bearded guys does not mean the americans are losing.

  164. After the recent votes in Congress, I’m really disappointed — not with
    the U.S. Congress but with us. Did we really expect any other outcome
    than continued funding of the war and occupation? The politicians
    didn’t vote the way they did because they were afraid of being accused
    of “not supporting the troops”. That has no more meaning than a hundred
    other excuses, like the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. What’s
    at stake is control of the Mideast’s oil and billions of dollars of
    profits. If we had phoned our representatives ten times daily, every
    day, it would have made no difference. Leading people to think
    otherwise only diverts their energy and sets them up for disappointment.
    I hope the antiwar leadership won’t continue to make this same mistake
    time after time. It’s only what we do outside the electoral arena that
    can change things: demonstrations, boycotts, supporting antiwar GI’s,
    etc. When continuing the war becomes too costly for those in power, it
    will end, and not until then. And by “costly” I don’t mean that a
    particular millionaire senator will lose his or her seat, but that their
    whole class will begin to lose its grip on the nation and the army.
    That was what ended the Viet Nam war.

  165. So exactly how brain dead are you? Get a grip; read history and read some open minded logical takes on the situation we are in. I don’t expect you will since you are like a lemming following the MSM and the Liberal Democrats who want nothing more than to make political pay dirt.

    If you change your mind go read some critical thinking at Eject! Eject! Eject!

    “Costly” is a word that cuts both ways, the current policy of the Democratic Congress is naive and Chamberlain like, the costs to this nation are so great it is unimaginable.

  166. Excuse me, but to be opposed to a war and vote to fund it is hog wash.

    The democrats waffled – Except for a few brave people in Washington I would be embarrassed to be a Democrat

  167. As I am typing this, the base here is at alarm red. For those of you who haven’t had an opporunity to hang in the sandbox, that means there are incoming mortars. I think that establishes my credibility to comment on this issue.
    To us, every soldier lost is a tragedy. Although it would be impossible to know every other member of the U. S. Army, we are a “brotherhood”(in quotes because I would never leave our wonderful female soldiers out of it). I believe every person in my unit was at least acquainted with someone who has been lost in Iraq. One guy that I used to sit near in the DFAC(dining facility) on a regular basis was blown up by an IED on a short trip outside the wire to chase down insurgents who had launched a mortar attack on us. He was 19.
    With that said, WE believe in our mission. Lord knows I don’t want to die in the God-forsaken desert. On the other hand, I accepted that possibility when I raised my right hand and swore an oath.
    We are succeeding here, it is slow, it is painful, and it is costing the lives of American Soldiers. That is not the standard by which we judge. We do not count the bodies in the way that the media does, because we know they aren’t numbers. Each time we hear of one falling, we bow our heads and say a prayer, or we stand at attention and render a crisp salute to their sacrifice. Our standard is victory, and although it is not as easily defined in this conflict as it was in the past, that makes it no less valuable or attainable.

    We watch the news. We know what the left thinks of us. Erick has it right, the left wants us to fail, no matter the cost. The President and I want us to succeed, no matter the cost.

    If you truly care about the lives of soldiers, then honor the sacrifice they make. A soldier’s greatest fear is not of dying, but of having the sacrifices he or she makes rendered meaningless by surrender

  168. I thought this Congress would stand up for what the PEOPLE wanted! I guess I was WRONG! I thought we could count on this Congress! WHAT HAEPPENED?? Why would you give Bush what he wants? I guess they have become the rubber stamp that the old Congress was!! How disappointing of them! I WILL VOTE AGAINST EVERY SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE who APPROVES FUNDING to continue THIS DISASTROUS WAR!! Thank you.

  169. It looks like congress does not have what it takes to go up against the Bush Administration. Tried helping by passing the info on at my site but we all heard what happened on the news. hunterseeker

  170. The Dems need to learn how to spin. Repugs can somehow make funding an occupation where our troops are getting killed and maimed in the middle of someone else’s civil war, without adequate armour or training or R and R, supporting the troops, while making the Dems look like trying to extricate the troops from that quagmire of an occupation and protect them by bringing them home, is not supporting the troops. As long as the Repugs can successfully define the terms of every debate, the Dems will continue to look like cowering wussies.

    Stop calling this a war. It is an occupation. You can’t win or lose an occupation. You can either continue to occupy, or choose to end it. The war was over in 2003.

  171. Are you people stupid? You voted for Bush when he went to war u liked bush but because it took longer than u lazy folks wanted it too your crying out to the equally stupid republicans. If you have Nancy on your side you are bound to be the stupidest congress ever. If the man can veto it, why vote on it, Come on, if i can put a man on the hot seat for firing lawyers I must be dumb. And when their man Clinton fired the whole lot of em the republicans said not one thing. What could the democrats hope to gain by making public fools of themselves? Let me give you some advice, either vote for John Mcain or dont vote.

  172. If secretspeak were serious,he/she would not be afraid to put
    their real name here. This war/occupation is obviously for corporate
    profit and strategic military bases installed AGAINST THE WILL of the
    Iraqi people. What are the Democrats afraid of? I’ll tell you-it’s the
    RIGHT-WING-NOISE-MACHINE. i.e., they’re essentially afraid of
    being called names,like cut-and-runners,etc.! poor babies! don’t
    they realize that the RIGHT-WING-NOISE-FREAKS will call them names NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO?! Thank GOD for people like
    Barbara Lee, Russ Feingold,etc.

  173. I only want to say that this IS a senseless war run by selfish insensitive (expletive)s with absolutely NO regard for the people they serve, Republican, Democrat or otherwise. If they gave a damn at all, none of this nonsense would have ever happened. It’s time that someone in this administration steps up to the plate for real and put the people’s interests first. I’m sure that these politicians KNOW about history, so why are they purposely repeating it. I’m sure that some people will comment and ask me what am I doing about it, and to you I say… I VOTED (all the good THAT did). Let’s “Stop The War Now” and “Bring The Boys (and girls) Home”. If the Bush Administration really love thier children, then they would realise just how ignorant it is for them to expect other families to give their children away.

  174. Please bring our troops home safe. We do not need any more troops going and not coming home… So BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW…

  175. The best way to support our troops is bringing them home and not to die for a war which most Americans believed was never necessary in the first place. Its amazing the huge chunk of our tax money is going to the military and now we need money to rebuild a country that has been torn apart and yet so little of our tax dollars is spent on education at home. With each paycheck we are paying for this .-Iits a shame no one will listen to the ones it is really costing with our tax dollars and those whose lives have been lost.

  176. The first thing we can all do to support our troops is to force the reality that there is still a war going on back into the heads of the everyday citizen. Go to Only one headline out of over fifty on the main page addressed the current situation in Iraq.

    When the war in Afghanistan was started, even after it was redirected to Iraq, every soldier that was told to take part either wanted to be there or didn’t. The one thing they all had in common was they were following through with what they agreed to do from day one: Go where ever their superiors told them to go, and do what they were told to do so they could accomplish a goal. The goal of protection of their family and people at the highest level possible. Knowing beforehand that participation might cost them their life.

    They went where they were told to go and are still doing what they are told to do. And now, I feel, because of the strategy behind the response to 9/11, the strategy behind both wars, and the ideology of the directors involved these men and women are trapped in a situation in which any response could further threaten our safety as a people. Between Iraq and Afghanistan is Iran. A lot of the money that is given to the insurgents in Iraq comes from Iran. A lot of fighters come from Iran. A lot of weapons come from Iran. Iran has a vested interest in Iraq, they aren’t just there to kill Americans. What do you think would happen if we just pulled out?? Iran would do
    exactly what the Taliban did when we diverted towards Iraq. There are people in Iraq that came from places all over the world, and it’s pretty safe to say they hate America. If we left Iraq where would our soldiers in Afghanistan be?? If they left, where would America be with a whole region hating America even more and no place
    to act on this hate but the US itself. Where would the innocents in Iraq be?? They would be in a country that was totally destroyed by the same people that just up and left, leaving them at the mercy of whoever can then come in and do the best job at dictating through violence. I thought Saddam was dead….

    This situation isn’t just because of the war. It has a lot to do with history, and with people that feel they paid attention to what was going on in the world but really didn’t.

    Have you ever counted how many seconds have passed during the life of any random 25 year old?? Take it and multiply by three thousand or so. That’s what these families have lost. For what??

  177. Total number of military and civilian casualties in Iraq, as reported by Pentagon and other sources:
    U.S. military – 3,759 killed; 27,767 wounded

    Allied military – 298 killed

    U.S. civilians – 159 killed

    Iraqi civilians – between 71,510 and 78,081

    as of Sept. 10, 2007.

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