Month: July 2007

U.S. Weapons Proliferation

Yesterday, the Bush administration announced that they would give 20 billion dollars worth of arms to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. According to the party line this is a viable attempt to bolster our relationships in the Middle East. This deal of […]


If you follow the Bush administration’s line of thinking (at least the line they have used in their talking points) we have been having trouble with Iran for decades. In fact, it was highly publicized that the recent talks with Iran were the first since a 20 year […]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Jul 15 to 21: Eric M Holke  31  Crestline CA Cpl Shawn Stankovich  20  Arlington WA Maj Jaroslav Pozadzy  39  Poland Pvt Brandon Bobb  20  Orlando FL Pvt Ron Joshua Jr  19  Austin TX Sgt Nathan Barnes  23  American Fork UT CPO […]

Iraq Toll

I recieve updates on the number of casualties in Iraq on a regular basis. As a tribute to their sacrifice and a reminder of the price we pay for wars we create I will regluarly post these names to the Peace Blog. Those who died in Iraq from […]

Working the Political System

The Senate has let down the troops and the nation once more. Despite new pushes from both the Democratic and Republican sides of the isle the voices of moderation, peace, and patriotism were overshadowed by those of the war mongers and politicos. A bill, proposed by Sen. Jim […]