Month: September 2007

Lieberman-Kyl Iran amendment passes the Senate

The Senate voted this morning on the politically charged Lieberman-Kyl amendment about Iran’s alleged destabilizing presence in Iraq.  At a critical time when Congress should be counteracting the Bush administration’s saber rattling and promoting constructive diplomacy with Iran, the vast majority of senators endorsed more aggressive, unproductive posturing. […]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Sep 16 to 22: Pvt Brandon Thorsen  22  Trenton FL Sgt Michael Townes  29  Las Vegas NV Spc Donald Valentine III  21  Orange Park FL Spc Nicholas Olson  22  Novato CA Spc Joseph Landry III  23  Pensacola FL Spc Matthew Emerason  20  […]

The Iraq Position Locator

Slate magazine has put together a handy “Iraq Position Locator” on its website.  You can see the opinions of presidential candidates, politicians, pundits and reports, and how they have evolved over the last four years. One piece that is often missing from stories about politicians’ Iraq positions is […]