Month: October 2007

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Oct 21 to 27: Sea Genesia Gresham  19  Lithonia GA Sea Anamarie Camacho  20  Panama City FL Pvt Adam Chitjian  39  Philadelphia PA Sgt Robin Towns Sr  52  Upper Marlboro MD Name not released Spc David Lambert  39  Cedar Bluff VA 13 […]

Who can be toughest on Iran?

Many presidential candidates have been making efforts to out-tough each other when it comes to dealing with Iran. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced recently that he would be open to “a bombardment of some kind” against Iran. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was on CNN saying, “I […]

Sex, god, nukes and babies

As a self identified progressive and spiritual person I find myself constantly perplexed by the contradictions I see in the Christian neoconservative movement.  I understand that because our views are different I will never fully understand their position on any issue but what has really gotten to me […]