Month: December 2007

Iraq toll

Those who died in Iraq from Dec 16 to 22: Pvt Justin McDaniel  19  Andover NH Ltn Jeremy Ray  26  Houston TX Pvt George Howell  24  Salinas CA 24 were seriously wounded and maimed. 26 were returned to kill fields. 323 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed. Cf:

Peace Action NH Working for the Primarys

FROM THEIR BLOG Yesterday one of New Hampshire Peace Action’s staff members attended Romney’s Londonderry event. While there, she passed out flyers to audience members before Governor Romney arrived. Two individuals, a man and a woman,* came up to the staff member and asked her to leave. The […]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Dec 9 to 15: Spc Randy Pickering  31  Bovey MN Spc Johnathan Lahmann  21  Richmond IN CPO Mark Carter  27  Fallbrook CA Pvt Stephen Ferguson  31  Lanarkshire UK Spc Brynn Naylor  21  Roswell NM Sgt Samuel Kelsey  24  Troup TX Pvt Daren […]