Iraq Toll

January 31, 2008
Those who died in Iraq from Jan 20 to 26:
Cpl James Gluff  20  Tunnel Hill GA
Sgt Michael Sturdivant  20  Conway AR
Sgt Renee Birkman  41  New Castle VA
Pvt Duncan Crookston  19  Denver CO
Sgt Robert Wilson  28  Boynton Beach FL
27 were seriously wounded and maimed.
90 wounded were returned to occupation.
296 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.
V.A. hospitals reported 263,000 unplanned patients
from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq Toll 3931

January 23, 2008
Those who died in Iraq from Jan 13 to 19:
Cpl Curtis Christensen  29  Collingswood NJ
Spc John Sigsbee  21  Waterville NY
Pvt David Sharrett II  27  Oakton VA
Pvt Danny Kimme  27  Fisher IL
Spc Jon Schoolcraft III  26  Wapakoneta OH
Spc Richard Burress  25  Naples FL
Sgt Justin Whiting  27  Hancock NY
24 were seriously wounded.
44 were returned to kill fields.
343 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.
222 were killed in the prior week.

Department of Energy Calls for Public Comment on Complex Transformation SPEIS – Peace Action Responds with a call for Nuclear Abolition

January 16, 2008

(Washington, DC1/16/08) – The Department of Energy has dedicated a 90 day comment period to the Bush Administration’s proposed nuclear weapons production facility formally known as Complex 2030.  This comes despite Congressional action zeroing out funding for the reliable replacement warhead, a new nuclear weapon, associated with the $150 million nuclear complex.

Recent polls by World Public Opinion show 79% of the American people want to see the U.S. government do more to eliminate nuclear weapons.  Peace Action is among 68 other groups engaging the public to use this comment period to support nuclear abolition and U.S. compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 

Across the nation, Peace Action Affiliates will hold community meetings to discuss the project and collect comments for the DOE.  Peace Action supporters in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas will present their opinions at DOE hearings in those states.  The Peace Action online campaign is expected to reach over 100,000 nuclear abolition activists.

“Tens of thousands of Americans will write the Department of Energy in the next three months to tell them that they refuse to have nuclear weapons built in their backyard.  Instead it is time to dismantle nuclear weapons rather than build new ones,” claimed Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action’s political director.

The comment campaign will continue through the appointed 90 day period culminating in a final hearing in Washington, DC at which Peace Action’s national office will issue a statement on behalf of the network.  The statement will call for the U.S. government to: stop the Complex Transformation project, increase dedication to nuclear abolition, and invest resources into nuclear cleanup and renewable energy programs.


  • The Nuclear Complex to be transformed is made up of facilities scattered across the country at 8 major locations with missions as diverse as laboratory work, explosives testing, and nuclear weapons component manufacturing. 
  • Complex Transformation would include a major new facility—the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) at Los Alamos National Lab—to build 50-80 warhead cores (plutonium “pits”) per year, violating the spirit of U.S. commitments to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Article 6 which encourages disarmament.
  • The 2007 JASON pit lifetime study confirmed that existing pits could last 100 years or more making the Complex Transformation project an unnecessary expense for an indebted Federal Government.
  • Legislative and Executive branches of the U.S. government have yet to complete mandated nuclear policy reviews necessary to assess how the U.S. should move into the future regarding nuclear weapons.
  • Increased production of plutonium pits, through Complex Transformation, will lead to increased risk to national security, public health, and the environment.
  • Expanding our current nuclear weapons program sends the wrong message to other Nations, like North Korea, with whom we are negotiating over nuclear disarmament.



Iraq Toll

January 16, 2008

hose who died in Iraq from Jan 6 to 12:

Spc James Gudridge  20  Carthage NY
Pvt Timothy Hanson  23  Kenosha WI
Pvt Philip Pannier  20  Washburn IL
Pvt Ivan Merlo  19  San Marcos CA
Sgt David Hart  22  Lake View Terrace CA
Sgt Zachary McBide  20  Bend OR
Sgt Jonathan Dozier  30  Rutherford TN
Sgt Matthew Pionk  30  Superior WI
Sgt Christopher Sanders  22  Roswell NM
Sgt Sean Gaul  29  Reno NV
Spc Todd Davis  22  Raymore MO
Not reported yet
Pvt Keith Lloyd  26  Milwaukee WI
In last two weeks
29 were seriously wounded.
66 were returned to occupation.
222 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed last week.

Peace Action joins Amnesty International, the ACLU & others to mark the 6th year of Guantanamo Prison

January 11, 2008

(Washington, DC – Nationally) Today, January 11, marks the 6th anniversary of Guantanamo Bay Prison.  Activists from all over the world are coming together to call for the facility to be immediately closed, the detained to be granted their right of Habeas Corpus, and the war crimes committed in the illegal prison to be tried in an international court.

The keystone event is happening in Washington, DC where protesters from the Student Peace Action Network, donning orange jumpsuits, will demonstrate water-boarding torture techniques and Peace Action protesters will symbolically bury the right to Habeas Corpus. 

Other events, from London to North Carolina, are also underway.  Peace Action Affiliates will focus their efforts on community education as well as protest.  On the North Shore they organized a screening of the critically acclaimed film:  Meeting Resistance by Steve Connors and Molly Bingham.  Dallas Peace Action is focusing their events on freedom and justice in the Presidents former backyard. 

Since Guantanamo first opened Peace Action has been a vocal opponent to both it and the people who conceived it.  As the largest grassroots peace & disarmament organization, representing the diverse views of our nation, we called for the resignation of Alberto Gonzales and an investigation into U.S. secret prisons, like Guantanamo, worldwide.  Since then Gonzales and others have resigned but the illegal prisons remain.  Peace Action continues to stand in opposition to this oppressive Administration.

“Guantanamo symbolizes the worst hypocrisy of our nation” Says Peace Action Executive Director Kevin Martin. “While claiming to push for democracy and freedom abroad the administration is violating international laws and American values.”

Peace Action & Peace Action Education Fund, with 180,000 supporters and over 100 chapters in 34 states, works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons and promote government spending priorities that support human needs. We believe that war is not a suitable reaction to conflict and we are driven by our devotion to humanity to promote peace and justice above the status quo.

Peace Action affiliates will be organizing for events around in the following locations:

Dallas Peace Center

Peace Action Denten (TX)

KC Peaceworks  

North Carolina Peace Action

Maine Peace Action

PeaceAction Montgomery, MD

Massachusetts Peace Action

New Jersey Peace Action

Upper Hudson PA (Albany, Schenectady Neighbors for Peace, Saratoga Peace Alliance, Guilderland Neighbors for Peace)

To find an event near you or to get more information go to




Barbra J. Bearden

Communication Associate,

Peace Action National

301.565.4050 ext. 330

Demonstrate Against Guantanmo

January 10, 2008

Dallas Peace Center protest:

peace action denten (TX) protest:

KC Peaceworks film screening & art event (not on their website)

North Carolina Peace Action will have a silent vigil

Maine PA:

PeaceAction Montgomery (MD) protest at the national mall:

Massachusetts Peace Action:

New Jersey Peace Action protest:

Upper Hudson PA (Albany, Schenectady Neighbors for Peace, Saratoga Peace Alliance, Guilderland Neighbors for Peace):

World Economic Forum

January 9, 2008

Every year many of the world’s top leaders attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss how to make the world a better place.

This year, you get to join them.

First, submit a video answering The Davos Question:

“What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?”

Then, starting January 1st, watch and rank others’ ideas. The highest-rated videos will be screened in Davos (January 23-27), where world leaders will watch your videos and make responses of their own. Your idea could be the start of something big.

Check out what a member of our Board of Directors Posted:

Check out the other entrants:

To find out more about the World Economic Forum, go here: x.htm


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