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May 28, 2008

4084 — Freedom from a gun barrel is a myth.

May 28, 2008
Those who died in  Iraq from May 18 to 25:
Pvt Branden Haunert  21  Blue Ash OH
Pvt Howard Jones  35  Chicago IL
Pvt Kyle Norris  22  Zanesville OH
Sgt Blake Evans  24  Rockford IL
Sgt Frank Gasper  25  Merced CA
53 wounded were returned to occupation.
216 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

Cf:  http://www.icasualties .org

Iraq Toll

May 22, 2008
Those who died in Iraq from May 10 to 17:
Cpl Jessica Ellis  24  Bend OR
Sgt Victor Cota  33  Tucson AZ
Sgt John  Daggett  21  Phoenix AZ
16 were seriously wounded.
39 wounded were returned to kill fields.
230 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

Keep the Pressure On: Tell the Senate, No More Money for this Occupation.

May 20, 2008

We had an amazing turnout for our campaign to stop the House from authorizing another $162.6 billion for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our calls commanded action in Congress last week –  2/3rds of the Democratic Party voted against more funding and over 100 Republicans voted “present” in a dire political play.

Now the war funding is in the Senate before it goes back to the house. The Senate is set to vote on the funding within next few days and then the bill will be sent to the House for a final vote.

Call Both Your Senators and ask them to vote no on more funding for the occupation of Iraq and support brining troops and contractors home within a year.  Then call your Representative and ask them to do the same.

CALL: 202.224.3121

ASK: To be connected to your Senator by their name or find them by your State.

TELL: Your Senator to stop funding this illegal occupation and publically support a comprehensive exit strategy outlined in HR 5507.

CALL AGAIN: Make sure to call both your Senators and your Representative.  This will most likely be the only vote on Iraq this year!

REPORT: At the Peace Blog about how your call went!

The House already voted to stop this funding.  Now it’s time to send the the same resounding message to the Senate and to make sure the House defeats it again.  We will not let them waste one more precious dollar on this illegal occupation. Instead that money should be used to redeploy our troops out of Iraq and focus on the crisis here at home. Call the Senate tell them to STOP this supplemental and SUPPORT troop withdrawal.

Don’t Bomb Iran

May 15, 2008

Sign Our Petition, Here.

Check out this video

May 14, 2008

Iraq Toll

May 14, 2008
Those who died in Iraq from May 4 to 10:
Cpl Casey Casanova  22  McComb MS
Cpl Miguel Guzman  21  Norwalk CT
Cpl James Kimple  21  Carroll OH
Sgt Glen Martinez  31  Boulder CO
Spc Alex Gonzalez  21  Mission TX
Pvt Aaron Ward  19  Jacinto CA
Spc Mary Jaenichen  20  Temecula CA
Spc Joseph Ford  23  Knox IN
35 were seriously wounded and maimed.
58 were returned to occupation.
328 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.


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