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  1. Israel a Member of the Common Wealth of the United States

    No one can reject the fact that creation of Israel on the land of Arabic nations has created tremendous problems for the United States. We may have to look outside of the box to diffuse the problems. One solution would be for Israel joining us as a member of the Unites States’ Common Wealth.

    Would Israel consider joining us as a member of the Unites States’ Common Wealth?
    What are costs and benefits for US?

    We are already supporting Israel economically, politically and by sharing intelligence and military hardware. In addition, some Israeli Americans with both Israeli and American citizenships serve in the Israeli Armed Forces. Israel never would have to be fearful of any other nation; our great American Armed Forces will protect the common wealth as they would the homeland.

    Would it be politically more advantages for the United States to manage the Jewish state as a member of our Common Wealth?

    Would it be economically more advantages for Israeli people to be a member of our nation?

    The Israeli Common Wealth will be free to exercise the religious freedom that our great nation would offer without being isolated among the hostile Arabs.

    Should the Common Wealth include the Arabs who were forced to leave the land when Zionist invaded the land?

    Should the area of the Common Wealth include all of the Palestinian Land?

    What do you think?

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