Month: September 2008

No Bail Out for Wall Street

FROM OUR FRIENDS AT TRUE MAJORITY They said it couldn’t be done, but it HAS been done, by you and other TrueMajority members. At 2:05 pm today, the House voted down the taxpayer bailout of Wall Street. The stock market predictably dropped on the news that investment companies won’t […]

Almost 5 million Iraqi Refugees

From our friend Stephan Said (formerly Smith, whom you may remember from the Princeton Congress some years back ( “I believe the most universal humanitarian response to the war in Iraq, and for our mutual international security, is to help the innocent 4.8 million internally and externally displaced […]

American Centurion

Weird, disturbing and potent.  It’s interesting to watch at the very least. takes aim at Sen. McCain’s 100-year Iraq War in this 4-minute film by Josh Sugarman; a Brandon Yankowitz production. “American Centurion,” follows a wounded American soldier’s last efforts to hold off an unrelenting enemy advance […]

Support the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act of 2008

UPDATE:  David Swanson wrote: > Antagonize and Blockade Iran Resolution Stopped By U.S. Citizen Outrage > > > Democratic leadership ‘effectively shelves’ Iran resolution > Think Progress > > The Democratic leadership in the House “effectively shelved” a > proposed non-binding resolution that “critics say would amount […]


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