Almost 5 million Iraqi Refugees

From our friend Stephan Said (formerly Smith, whom you may remember from the Princeton Congress some years back (

I believe the most universal humanitarian response to the war in Iraq, and for our mutual international security, is to help the innocent 4.8 million internally and externally displaced Iraqi refugees, whose numbers make the crisis the most catastrophic of our times. Our generation has the tools to create the more equitable global society we seek today. We don’t have to wait for politicians or pop radio. We can lead them.

For now, if you’re interested in finding out more about the crisis or working with organizations already involved, go to the following links:
American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee

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  1. ((((Critical*Mass))))


    A global display of the Heart of Peace will unite all the peaceful factions around the world creating a focus for a meeting with world leaders for The*People to speak their hearts desire of a World4Peace, to demand we seriously begin the process and steps to the creation of sustainable action toward this goal, once this is accomplished The*People will have the ability and opportunity to create a united global platform of non violent action to exercise their collective will.

    Nov. 2nd 2008


    We*Are Ready to begin this journey…

    Share this message with every group and individual you have contact with, to help in the global display of – y/our Hearts4Peace.

    The road creates the way, the traveler creates the journey, ones truth defines the reality of both.

    Peace-All*WAys leads to Truth,

    Truth-All*Ways leads to Peace.


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