Tell the Candidates to bring the troops home and bring peace to Afghanistan

October 14, 2008

McCain and Obama are both calling for more troops in Afghanistan. But the Rand Corporation (the Pentagon’s largest think-tank) has published a study showing that a military response to terrorism is actually the least effective approach and police and political responses are more effective:

We urge you to call or email the campaign offices of both Senator McCain and Senator Obama and tell them you want a surge in diplomacy, not war.

Obama Campaign – 866-675-2008

McCain Campaign – 703-418-2008

United for Peace and Justice has a list of resources which can help you learn more about the war in Afghanistan:

The Great Schelp

October 14, 2008

Wrong Direction on Nuclear Weapons

October 14, 2008

Walter Pincus performed a worthy public service with his Oct. 6 Fine Print column, reporting on a Bush administration policy paper that calls for developing the Reliable Replacement Warhead and modernizing the U.S. nuclear weapons production complex. Both proposals are being reviewed by government…read more

U.S. Army on Domestic Missions

October 14, 2008

I feel strange putting out an alert like this in the United States, but here it is:

On October 1st, Bush deployed a brigade (3-4 thousand soldiers) for domestic missions of crowd control and keeping the peace.  This is the first time in America, since 1807, that the military has been on the ground domestically.  Bush then, almost immediately, threatened members of congress with marshal law if they did not pass the $700 billion bailout bill.  Rep. Brad Sherman talked about this last week.

For more info:

For more background:

This situation represents a great threat to all of our movements and, as activists and organizers, our personal safety.  Please view these links and spread the word to as many friends and groups as possible.  We are all very, very short on time and we are going to need everyone in order to push this attempted coup back.  We need to organize as many groups and individuals together to stand up against this and try to coordinate them on a national level.

In addition, my understanding is that Bush is legally arrestable at this point by any local District Attorney and that arrest and trial would be the most direct method of pushing this back, and our DAs can be directly contacted and pressured.  Please watch the above for more details.

Soldiers of Conscience

October 14, 2008

Their country asked them to kill. Their hearts asked them to stop.

view trailer
Soldiers of Conscience
is a dramatic window on the dilemma of individual U.S. soldiers in the current Iraq War – when their finger is on the trigger and another human being is in their gun-sight. Made with cooperation from the U.S. Army and narrated by Peter Coyote, the film profiles eight American soldiers, including four who decide not to kill, and become conscientious objectors; and four who believe in their duty to kill if necessary. The film reveals all of them wrestling with the morality of killing in war, not as a philosophical problem, but as soldiers experience it – a split-second decision in combat that can never be forgotten or undone.

Soldiers of Conscience is not a film that tells an audience what to think, nor is it about the situation in Iraq today. Instead, it tells a bigger story about human nature and war. The film begins with a little-known fact – after World War II, the Army’s own studies revealed that as many as 75 percent of combat soldiers, given a chance to fire on the enemy, failed to do so. The studies showed that soldiers, despite training, propaganda and social sanction, retained a surprising inhibition when it came to taking human life. The statistics surprised and alarmed America’s generals, who developed training techniques to overcome the reluctance to kill. But if the military found a solution to its problem, the moral contradiction for the individual soldier remained. The mental and emotional burdens carried by soldiers who have killed ripple across America’s families and communities after each of its recent wars. As this film shows, every soldier is inescapably a “soldier of conscience.”

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Igniting Hate

October 14, 2008

Honestly, this just makes me sick. What kind of country are we?


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