Peace Action ED Asks: What Is the Military’s Mission?

Today’s Washington Post published Peace Action Executive Director, Kevin Martin’s letter to the editor responding to Michael O’Hanlon’s June 10, 2009 op-ed, Obama’s Defense Budget Gap.

Kevin pointedly asks:

What is the mission that would justify perpetuating the colossal U.S. military budget?

Should the United States occupy Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely (Mr. O’Hanlon has supported both wars)? Are our huge military budget, which at more than $600 billion per year is almost as large as those of the rest of the world’s countries combined, and more than 700 foreign bases justified by a global “war on terror”?

Kevin concludes with another question: What do we value more: Education, affordable housing, health care, and the fight against climate change, or a bloated military budget?

Soon, the House and Senate will vote on a $90 billion “emergency supplemental” to fund for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of the money will go towards military engagement — not diplomacy.

Tell your members of Congress: Its time to reverse these twisted priorities.  Vote ‘No’ on the war supplemental.

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