Month: August 2009

Massachusetts Peace Action and the Peace Community Fondly Remember Senator Edward Kennedy

Across Massachusetts and around the world, Senator Kennedy is being remembered for his generous service to constituents and unwavering commitment to social justice. We at Mass Peace Action are particularly grateful for Senator Kennedy’s courageous leadership for peace, human rights, and nuclear disarmament. He has long decried the recklessness of war and nuclear weapons, and was the Congressional leader of the Nuclear Freeze campaign, from which Peace Action was born. Along with our colleagues across the national Peace Action network, we deeply appreciate the support, wisdom, and collaboration extended on so many occasions by Senator Kennedy and his staff. We offer our sincere thoughts and sympathies to his family.

Tell Congress to can the sanctions!

Thousands of you flooded Congress’ inboxes with opposition to sanctions on Iran—thank you! (If you haven’t yet, click here to write to the House, and here for the Senate). After Labor Day, Congress will come back into session and be greeted by a high-powered lobbying campaign pressuring them […]

Afghanistan: Democracy in Action? Pt. 2

Millions of Afghans braved a violent and unstable election environment to cast a vote for their government of choice last week.  Escalating violence in the preceding weeks and disenchantment with politics as usual resulted in a lower turnout than in 2004.  In particular, fewer women turned out to […]

US Effort in Afghanistan: 96% Chasing Teenage Boys Around

But its manpower pool was not North Vietnam’s Achilles heel and neither is it the Taliban’s. Almost exactly the same percentage of personnel in Afghanistan has rural reconstruction as its primary mission (the Provincial Reconstruction Teams) as had “pacification” (today’s “nation-building”) as their primary mission in Vietnam, about 4 percent. The other 96 percent is engaged in chasing illiterate teenage boys with guns around the countryside, exactly what the enemy wants us to do.