Unlikely Japan: Unusual Car Names, The Hyper Saloon and the Asparagus Missile

–Kevin Martin

I love Japan — the people, the food, the beautiful mountains, rivers and seas. But, and I swear it’s not just the jet lag plaguing me this week, there are many aspects of Japanese life that strike me as very unusual (and I‘m not alone, the following examples were head-scratchers to my Japanese colleagues too).

I’ll start with car names, which are always in English. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of automobiles here we don’t see in the US among the dependable Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans we get.

During a single ten-minute taxi ride in Nagasaki, here are the names of some of the cars I saw on the road:

Carol (woman’s name or type of song? Both?)
Serena (for tennis players, naturally)
Cedric (my favorite, a solid, boxy taxi, very dependable I‘m sure)
Voxy (the commercial writes itself, with Jimi Hendrix’s “Voxy Lady” overdubbed)
Splash (needs an exclamation point, yes? Splash!)
El Grand (not that big a car by US standards)
Sienta (huh?)
Latte (the one I saw was a Mediterranean pale olive color, looked cool)
Life (He likes it! Hey, Mikey!)
Familia (a station wagon, naturally)
(My baby, she wrote me) Aletta
California (Dreamin’, though hopefully not while driving)
Logo (which oddly enough lacked one)
Crew (no “J” in front of it)
Rush (another one that needs an exclamation point, and presumably the Canadian art-rock band of the same name gets royalties for every car sold)

Japanese trains are probably the best in the world, always on time, clean, efficient, fast (the Shinkansen “bullet trains“ go 285 kilometers per hour and the regular trains zip along at a fast clip too) — in other words nothing in the least little bit like Amtrak.

So I was shocked (along with my Japanese hosts) to pass a train upon entering the station at Nagasaki called, I kid you not, The Hyper Saloon. Presumably that is just a bar car on the train frequented by stressed-out business travelers and off limits to the crew, but who knows? Could be fun, or really dangerous.

And finally, an Asparagus Missile. Each year, our good friends at the Japanese peace group GENSUIKIN have a new design for t-shirts, posters, buttons and other merchandise and branding for their annual conference around the Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemorations. Evidently this year’s is the product of a famous designer. It’s a missile with leaves on it so it looks like an asparagus. Really, an asparagus missile. I couldn’t make that up. I’ll try to find the image so you can see for yourself.

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    • Wall street reform my friends in America ask your
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    Your faith in my Barack and the Democratic party

    the key word we are not at risk.

    Rev Dr O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

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    let us not give up on the Democratics party

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    America community organizer

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    I am just bless to be here today.

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  19. Hello America,s primary day is over for now,I had a vision that the GOP is useing Sarah Palin inorder to win the Republicans seats in November, let me tell you in my opinion she is receive some funds for what she say for the GOP,as a America community organizer I never receive any pay or fund but I try to give you the real deal,I was born on a Plantation,and some time all we had to eat was bread and molasses or sirup
    I am a middle class America down with the poor, but I am generous I give to the America,s people what I know
    I want you to close your eyes for a few minutes.when the war started in Iraq I try to get CBS news to tell President Bush not to start a war in Iraq,you want to know why would God use a plantation boy in Mississippi
    to tell the America,s President not to go to war, well read your bible when the king of national could not understand, God would send a middle class man to talk to the national, the prophet Daniel had to read the hand writing on the wall for the King of Badylon
    David was a middle class young man, but God used him to tell the people of Jerusalem what to do,God has used me to help talk to the America,s people,most of the mess started when the War in Iraq began trouble
    I could see for American, we began to fall I told most Christian to look out and pray for America,s people because jobs were goining to be lost banks would fall that people would lose their homes because of the War in Iraq.But CBS news would not react to what I said in a vision from God, but keep the faith
    we shall over come stand with President Obama he has a great philosophy and is a Christian minded President

    the key word, yes I am a molasses America thank you

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
    I not to reproach about the Republicans but thay are not for the Poor and the middle class America,s, now I know that Barack Obama is our President.but I want you to close your eyes for a minute and feel free the mess started from the war in Iraq

  20. My fellow America,s never fault President Barack Obama
    for the problems that we have in America Obama did not invade Iraq in to a war if you are reproach fault the Republican party, My fellow America,s in Arkansas and Arizona florida Iowa Oklahoma missouri Ohio and the carolina all of the battlegound States let us not be fool by the Republican party in November,President Obama steped into a mess when he took office the only thing that is holding the America,s back is the GOP will not vote on any thing, if the President would say the sky is blue thay would vote no if he said that a cow give white milk the Republicans would say no, we are America,s we have the power to vote in the November election let us stay the course with President Obama and keep the Democratics in Washington in November, my friend in America let us give a much higher polling because he is our Commander- in -Chief with a vision.
    That is President Obama poll him high we can do better

    the key word, who started the War in Iraq you know

    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D

    America community organizer

  21. My fellow America,s let us pray for Pastor Terry Jones
    no one should burn a holy bible let him know that it could make it harder on the U.S.troops in Afghanistan , we as pastor to Terry Jones do not try to take God place here on earth,I am not a Muslim, but many of the third world country are, so go home and relax and pray for peace not for a war, a pastor is a peace maker and a christian, I still say that their are some thing that Christian should not do and places that they should not go, so Pastor Jones have some peace instead of War and kindness instead of misconception
    I am a Pastor, Pastor Jones say Lord, breathe upon us, down here upon earth inspire me brother, from your America Community Organizer, no more war pastor Jones,we are America,s people talk about Rev Jeremiah Wright is this nonsense thinking I have a vision that God is not please, so inspire me

    Traffic this to Georgia to Pastor Terry Jones place of living To CBS ABC CNN FOX and all networks

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D
    no more War. Pastor let God have it.

  22. My friend in America to the State of Delaware do not be fool again by the attact on Democratic, and Christine O donnell with Sarch Palin I have no reproach about Miss ,O donnell but to send her to Washington just to vote on every thing that President Obama lay on the table, for I could do better then that and so could you my fellow America,s we do not need any more fighting in Washington in November used your power to stop the gop, thay said that we have no power but you can show them with your votes in my opinion miss O Donnell should be a School teacher and not in Washington here me I have a vision that good looks will not get the job done,s we are not jealous
    but we has a wise man in office from Delaware, as I said before with the weak economy, the Gop could do more to help the President to help pull us out of the jobless economy if thay would help, but my friend thay are not goining to do that
    So to all of the States let us stay the course with the Democratic party.

    the key, let us be generous and keep our cool.

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
    traffic this

  23. America community organizer speak, it funny but in my opinion women should stay out of football player locker rooms those player have a hard time on the football field, thay are no threat to you lady, I know because I played football for five years in high school if you go into a locker room where women are most of them do not like it.so if you are not strong ask your self why do we have to go into a locker room any way

    the key word stay out of the locker rooms

    Rev Dr O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  24. America community organizer speak. my fellow America,s I have a dream that November 2 is almost here this will be an amazing journey for the Democratic party we can win but we need your help I am asking those of you that is in the battleground States let us stay the couse with the Democratic I asking again the young voter that are 18 years of ages and up will you ask your mom and dad uncle and consin grandfather and greatgrand parent to go out and vote, President Obama have use up most of his time trying to keep the Democratic in Washingiton but he is just one man he need our help, I have a dream that the poor and the middle class America,s can show your power on November 2 2010 I am asking those of you that are in the swing states we are on a journey to win, I know that the economy is weak, but if the Gop would help President Obama halfway we could do better, one Republican said you community organizer has no power but we the America,s people when we get to gether we can show them who have power,

    traffic this, key word is we can show them that we are powerful

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

  25. America community organizer speaks to my fellow America,s in the State of West Virginia, I have a vision that those of us who are poor and the middle class America we need to stay the course with the Democratics party on November 2,2010 I have a vision the if the Republican party end us in Washington thay will not have a strategy plan, I know that thay will take us back, President Obama did not start the mess that we are in, this have been coming for years in my mind today let us stay the course with the Democratic
    because if the GOP had a plan, why did thay not help the President,but because of jealousy thay want him to fail the America,s people, but we the poor and the middle class can show our power when we votes I know that many America,s have lost their jobs but not because of the Democratics, but because the GOP will not help the president,thay will do the same thing to you and I think about it.

    the key word,let us not be move, thay have no answers

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

  26. My fellow America,s the tea party and Sarah Palin is trying to take us back in history I have a vision just like Slavery let us rally for the Democratic party on November 2, 2010 my friend I have a dream that the Republican party want to take us back let us not let them win and take us back in history you remember the tea party in your history book, we are in a new day a change have come let us not be fool by the GOP I have a vision that we do not have the time to go back in history, President Obama is on the move but as I said the Republicans will not vote to help the President, I am not going to move, because I know the story and so do you,President Obama step into a mass, that some one ease had mass up and could not fix it. my friens and the Independent voter make up your mind and vote for the Democratic party,we have the power to do so.

    Your America community organizer

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D
    the key word is, traffic this to Google and post this
    on all network.

  27. My fellow America,s some have said that President Obama administration does not have a clue,the group that made that statement what are you hiding from the America,s people we need to know,you that wrote me that, we are not afraid of what you have, what solution do you GOP have of solving problems in America I want to know the persons who wrote that you said that you are a Republican that okay to But I have a vision that the Democratics party should be praise, we should prise President Obama for the mighty things he has done My fellow America,s I am concerned about the ones that has lost their jobs and homes cars and trucks and money, if you are going to fault any one for that it is the GOP that will not vote to help the America,s people let us vote Democratics on November 2, 2010 this election is still an uphill climb my fellow America,s let us pull tograther as one nation under God that is the only way that we can win this war in America.God bless America

    the key word,who dad

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

    CBS NBC FOX CNN ABC I know you are afraid to talk to me, but I am just a man

  28. Your community organizer, my first write up after the November 2.2010 Election,on my mind today what can we say, I know that some America,s voted for Republicans because you believe that if will help those who have lost their jobs houses and their Children need food on the table I have a dream that you said if this will help the American,s people let us try it,I have a dream that all of those who ran as a Republican is not all true Republican, thay know time is hard on the poor and the middle class America,s,never be sad or let down because this is America, President Obama have invited Republican and Democrats in Congress to a meeting discuss, I have a dream that together both side can help move this Country to help the weak economy God has brought us from 1492 until this day in America,we are not Slaves but we have the generosity to not be reproach by being sad let us join hand and hand, because if the United State fall we all will go down with the ship,I have a dream, that the problems that we are having is not goining away over night, so my friend hold on time will tell the story, as I told you before that President Obama is just a man with good idea but it will take all of the America,s people to make it work.dont you give up

    the key word, (faith and hope)

    Rev.Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  29. America community organizer speak to the America,s people quester who is John Boehner the house Republican leader, why dose he cry I know in my mind he is just a man,my fellow America where was John Boehner when we was spenting 10 billion dollar a Month in Iraq my friend I am not the late Dr. Martin Luther King he was a civil right leader,as an organizer for America the bill of right of 1791 gave us freedom of speech in that first Amendment, if Sarah Palin can speak out for the GOP I can speak for all America,s let us send a messege to the house speaker and let him know we do not want to be hurt any more I am not reproach to the house Republican leader I just want to say Mr. Boehner help President Obama and not try to hurt him and the America,s people I will say to him trade places with me for a while so that he will remember how the poor and the middle class America,s live now I know that the Republican house leader came from a large family of about (10)or 11 Children I honor you but the slave trade is over if you can help this weak economy do your best this is America and not the third World Country, house leader help President Obama and you will be helping the America,s people.we had lost job before President Obama took over

    the key word is tradeing places

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    cry some more we all do at time.

  30. My fellow American the Republicans want to close down the Government I have a dream that is a bad idea what this mean in their mind thay want to stop helping the America,s People from receiving VA Disability for those who sign up for help because thay are disable and other who are disable that sign up and to cut peer grant for college Students and head start and many other Program we as America,s must Really to show the GOP that we do not want the Goveernment to close down we all must speake out,I do not mean to hurt any one but let your voice be hard in Washington and to those who want to stop the Government to know let us not stop the Government I have a dream that some programs might be cut my freind we are in the same ethnic group what hurt one hurt the other one from your America community organizer strike back

    the key word? Gop what are you think about

    Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D
    Traffic this.

  31. The war in Afghanistan and Pakistan I have a vision that some of our U.S.A troops since the death of Ben Laden want to give up the fight but i will say to our young men and young Lady keep the faith, President Obama have a time table to deploy U,S. troops out of the war in Afghanistan his time tabe will come soon and some of you will come home in my vision I can see that some of you feel like you are being tartured, but in the time of a war a time had to set so don,t give up keep the faith your time will come, I believe the members of Congress want the troops out of Afghanistan and Pakistan those of us who are at home love you and send congratulation we say you are the best Americans love you.
    from your America community organizer

    the key word, said loud we will see you soon

    Rev Dr.O. D. Robinson Psy.D

  32. Subject Sarah Palin my fellow I would like to see Palin go back to Alaska she could not hold the job as Governor of Alaska and how could she be President of the united state I feel a chill over my head Mrs palin can not deal with the crisis that we faces in my vision she can not do the job as a President, what about the two wars like in Afghanistan and Pakistan I say to the Americans people let us stay with the Democratic party and re elect President Barack Obama President in 2012

    the key word, palin you want it but it is to big for you.

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
    Traffic this to CBS and all other network

  33. Community Organizer speaks,the GOP are not fair to the Americans people thay are blaming President Barack Obama for the problem of jobs lost and the weak economy when the Gop want to cut special program like social Benefit to the old and sick America,s I have a vision that the Gop should cut their own benefit, do we have a problem that can not be fit we the people of the United state is this problem due to race or color, my friend we here in American are in the same ethnic group,if we want to save fund stop the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and we will save $ 10 billion dollar a Month I want to say to the majority and the minority we must ask the GOp to stop the war with the President, my friend argument is not going to fit the problem will you give your Congressman a call and senator and say let stop the fight.

    Your America Community Organizer
    traffic this let us save the Americans people
    Let us come together

    the key word) we are at war in washington

  34. The debt ceiling

    I call John Boehner today concerning the debt ceiling I ask him to come together with the Americans people and President Obama the late President Ronald Reagan ask congress to raise the debt ceiling so the congress did so and why not come together with President Obama not him self but for the Americans people,what do you think about Jon Huntsman is having some reproach about President Obama and he dose not know any thing about Obama just fault finding and gossip I have a vision that the tea party and some of the talk need to be out America dose not need a tea party My fellow America,s call washington and let them know that we need jobs in this weak economy, who is the real blame not President Obama, I say to you my friend I will say like Joshus when he said give me this mountain the Americans people need help.

    the key word suffering in America

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D

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