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2010: The Year for Re-Building the Movement for Nuclear Disarmament

–By Lisa Putkey, Scoville Peace Fellow, Peace Action Education Fund, and Kevin Martin, Executive Director, Peace Action and Peace Action Education Fund

2010 is the year to set the roadmap for nuclear disarmament as an international community, and the US is integral to progress.  2010 marks 65 years since the birth of the atomic bomb in New Mexico and 65 years since the United States atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Nearly two decades have passed since the Cold War and yet the nuclear arms race continues.  This May the world will come together in New York for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (NPT RevCon in United Nations parlance), which aims to bring about a nuclear weapons-free world.  Despite President Obama’s lofty rhetoric on nuclear disarmament, his administration has requested billions for new nuclear bomb-making facilities.  It is now up to the American public to create the groundswell necessary to derail nuclear funding and get the US to accelerate steps toward abolishing nuclear arms.

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  1. June 2010 Vandenberg will launch an test ICBM Minuteman III delivery system for thermonuclear warheads, which will land in the Marshall Islands (Kwajalein atoll)
    see for details. Will peace action join the international protests of this launch?

  2. Its high time for Mr. President to stop funding money of tax payers on making nuclear weapons but instead divert the same for generations of jobs in USA and work upon on Health Reform.

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