Month: May 2010

Washington Post article on NPT RevCon outcome

Today’s Washington Post has an interesting article on the outcome of the month-long Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (NPT RevCon) that Peace Action and allies from around the world worked so hard on (see the Peace and Justice Now website for more on the fantastic conference, rally and […]

A clean up or down vote on war funding?

As I wrote yesterday, the Afghanistan war funding bill continues to get loaded up with popular and much-needed funding for programs like Haiti relief and oil spill cleanup. This creates a difficult dilemma for members of Congress who oppose the war but support these programs, especially as Republicans […]


Like putting lipstick on a war

A congressional staffer told me months ago that she feared that the war funding bill would get loaded up with “Haiti relief and jobs and puppies and sunshine,” making it difficult for some antiwar representatives to vote no. She wasn’t that far off. The $33 billion bill to […]


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