Month: July 2010


Wikileaks War Logs Roundup

For anyone who is not planning to personally read all 92K classified Afghanistan war docs released this Sunday by Wikileaks — or doesn’t have time to read the reams of coverage to try and understand what it’s all about — here’s the Cliffs Notes version. It’ll take some […]

New START: what if it fails?

In these last crucial weeks before a likely vote on the New START, many Senate Republicans are still on-the-fence about which way they will vote. So what are the consequences if New START fails? The latest bout of treaty opposition is in the form of fundraising from right wing […]

Senators raise concerns about war in Afghanistan

The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, sat before the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week to discuss the current strategy in Afghanistan and signs of progress, if any, toward the administration’s stated goal of “reversing the momentum” of the Taliban and its allies. […]


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