“92,000 reasons to get out of Afghanistan and Pakistan: Pick one”

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Rep. Kucinich put it bluntly last week when he said there are, “92,000 reasons to get out of Afghanistan and Pakistan: Pick one.” He was referring to the latest WikiLeaks controversy which resulted in one of the largest releases of confidential U.S. military documents in history.

Today, the House is voting on the war funding supplemental and we need your support to sway as many Representatives as we can our way. Reps. Kucinich and Paul have also introduced legislation, House Concurrent Resolution 301, calling for all U.S. troops to withdraw from their covert operations in Pakistan. We need your immediate support on these two pieces of legislation before the final votes later today. Call this number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation, 1-888-493-5443, to give your Representative your reason for ending the war in Afghanistan.

Realistically, this will not be the vote which will see our troops finally leave Afghanistan. But it’s a critical opportunity to turn outrage into political power and to build the capital we will need to finally achieve withdrawal. Just as the leaking of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg proved to be a turning point in the Vietnam War, the brave actions of Bradley Manning may be what it takes to end this one.

The atmosphere in Congress is shifting; call 1-888-493-5443 right now to take advantage of it. Ask your Representative to vote against the Supplemental and to vote in support of House Concurrent Resolution 301 to remove U.S. troops from Pakistan. When you’ve finished making your calls, please report back on them on our Peace Blog.


Kevin M. Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

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  1. I called the number suggested and was shunted to the Congressional Credit Union. I guess they got tired of the calls.

  2. Spoke with Markey’s office strongly urging his vote against the supplemental and for 301. Was told he is considering all possibilities.

  3. I spoke to Todd Akin’s office and urged slowing down to take a look at the latest Afghan policy papers before considering a vote on more war spending. Staffer seemed to be taking notes on the other end of the line and said he would deliver my message.

  4. I phoned congressman Blunehauer and gave my support to voting no funds fot the war and received a thank you reply and he will be voting no again.

  5. I called New Hampshire Representative Carol Shea-Porter’s office to ask her to vote no on additional funds for the war and to vote in support of Resolution 301 to end the clandestine activities of U.S. troops in Pakistan.

  6. I called Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and urged her to urge her colleagues to support H Con Res 301. Of course, Norton is not allowed to vote on final passage of legislation.

    Instead of trying to expand democracy abroad, we should expand it at home, beginning with giving DC residents voting representation in Congress.

  7. I called Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin. A secretary answered and I said hold off on any more funding until there is a good hearing about the newly leaked papers.

  8. I know that my Rep., Tom Rooney is a strong supporter of our troops. His office rep told me that Rep Rooney would be voting in support of the funding as long as it was a clean bill with no earmarks.

    I voiced my concern that the monies going to troop support are inadequate and that I am concerned that most of the money is going to a corrupt Afghan government.

  9. We called Rep. Oberstar’s office and encouraged him to vote against the military supplimental funding bill.

  10. I called Congressman Wu of Oregon and expressed my opposition to the Supplemental Funding for Afghanistan and my support for HR 301 Concurrent legislation. I was informed that Cong. Wu intends to vote against the Supplemental Funding legislation. Staff did not know how he plans to vote on HR 301, but I got very positive vibes on that as well from our conversation. Staffer took detailed notes on my reasons for my stances on these two matters and asked questions.I gave 3 reasons: Our actions in Afg and Pak are ensuring an escalation of terrorist actions against Americans everywhere. (I particularly feared that Pak was likely to blow up in our faces with horrific consequences); I emphasized that our country needs the dollars wasted in these conflicts to deal with our problems here in the US; the US is going down the tubes because of never-ending and unnecessary warfare which enriches war profiteers only.

  11. I called Barbara Lee’s office. Her aide wouldn’t say whether or not she’s voting NO on the war supplemental, but said that Lee made a statement on the House floor this morning saying no more $ for Afghanistan War unless it’s to pay for withdrawing troops. I asked her to co-sponsor and support H.C.R. 301 for removing troops from Pakistan. They’ll pass my comment along (yeah, right.)

  12. I called Congressman Frelinghuysen’s office. The aide said “I’ll make sure he gets your message”. That’s the same response I always get, to any and every call. The Congressman never commits to anything.

  13. I called Congressman Crenshaw’s (Florida) office and left our message. His aide said she would pass the message on to him.

  14. I called Nancy Pelosi’s office (I’m still a registered San Franciscan). The person I spoke with said that they’ve been getting lots of calls against the war funding for Afghanistan. I told him that I hope that the Speaker will finally listen to her constituents on this issue.

  15. I left a message with Rep Sensenbrenner’s office staff to vote against funding. They did not say how he will vote.. but he is very republican.

  16. I called my representatives office and though she usually votes against any war funding the person who answered was unsure.
    My objections were voiced, especially in light of the Pentagon “losing” over $8 billion of our taxdollars when we have many pressing concerns in this country; i.e. healthcare, education, roads, etc.
    I also have been suggesting lately that we begin a national conversation on endangered life; beyond country citizenship and party politics.

  17. I called Rep Louise Slaughter (D)NY. Her intern Greg stated how she has been consistent about endin, and this being a 3rd version.
    Her office claimed to not know her position, took my info as I demanded that I be contacted.

  18. I called Congressman Capuano and was informed that he planned to vote against the supplemental bill. For the most part liberal presidens have a history of supporting the geopolitical requirements of the American empire.

  19. I called Rep Peter King who is a notorious hawk. “We will pass on the message.” I am not optimistic about his response, but i want him to feel the heat

  20. Called Congressman Loyd Doggett’s office and left a message with assistant.
    Earlier… I had called Senator John Cornyn’s office by mistake but told that assistant I didn’t want my tax dollars going to needless wars and the assistant became very belligerant… stating, “Senator Cornyn believes we need to be there to”… blah blah blah…. and I told him well then tell Senator Cornyn I won’t be voting for him either.
    Boy, that assistant got my blood boiling!

  21. Called Congressman Hodes office and asked that he vote no on the supplemental funding and yes for H. Concurrent Res. 301. Assistant took my information and said Hodes will reply.

  22. I phone Rep. Jim Cooper’s (D-TN) office and asked that he vote against additional funding for this absurd war.
    I offered that some taxpayers were sick to death of seeing our money go toward finding an impossible war–another one—and to kindly sign on to Rep. Kucinich’s bill to stop funding this madness.

  23. Called Jay Inslee’s office to tell him to not vote for more money for war and was told that as an intern, the young man could not tell me what Jay’s views are on this subject or any other subject but that he would relay my message and name to him.

  24. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ-08)phone lines were all busy, so I left a message. Have also e.mailed her today.

  25. I called Congressman Donald Payne’s office (New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District). The person who responded said that she would pass my message on to the Congressman.

  26. I called Rep. Jackie Speier’s office on 7-28-10 and said I would like her to vote against supplemental funds for troops in Afghanistan as well as to vote for Resolution 301. The staff member informed me that Speier intended to do both.

  27. Have left message with my Representative against suppolemental funding and in favor of Resolution 301 against covert ops in Pakistan. Congressional office was polite, registered opinion.

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