Month: September 2010

Bigger than Glenn Beck!

One Nation Working Together for Peace!  Oct 2 Lincoln Memorial at 11 AM   On Oct 2, hundreds of thousands (yes, more than at the Glenn Beck rally!) will be at the Lincoln Memorial for One Nation Working Together (ONWT). Peace Action members and their communities will be […]

Taking over the Inland Empire

While the pundits paint doomsday scenarios of the upcoming elections, real progressives are quietly working day and night to reshape the former conservative bastion of southern California’s Inland Empire. And they can win—with your help. We’ve already introduced you to peace candidate Bill Hedrick in California’s 44th district. […]

Election Day in Afghanistan

by Katherine Mullen, Peace Action Education Fund Intern Concerns over voter intimidation, ballot stuffing and suicide bombings during Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections on Sept. 18 have been the top news items in mainstream media. Election watchdog groups, journalists and politicians have routinely commented on the low turnout of voters […]