Power to the People – Peace Activists Targeted by Obama Administration Snub Grand Jury

By now you’ve probably heard – the President of “change” and the “Nobel Peace Prize” and his administration refuse to even consider holding anyone in the previous administration accountable for war crimes and torture, but raided the homes of peace activists on September 24. Those activists, standing up for the rights of all of us, are refusing to testify before the grand jury that has summoned them. Here’s an Associated Press article with the latest.

Our colleagues at Defending Dissent Foundation have an action alert to contact your Member of Congress to protest this outrage, please let your voice be heard!

6 Responses to Power to the People – Peace Activists Targeted by Obama Administration Snub Grand Jury

  1. Kenneth Hammond says:

    Is the KGB now part of the FBI?

  2. George Shaheen says:

    Obama is so afraid of the right-wing and is so afraid of losing his office that he continues the policies of the neo-conservatives. I also would like to know how he earned the Nobel Peace Prize. I voted for him and I will have to vote for him again because the alternative is to elect another airhead like Dubya. George W. Bush, et al, got the U.S. into this economic and moral depression. Now they are trying to steal the momentum that we had before the 2008 election. Yes We Can was supposed to mean yes we can make changes to this country. Anarchy is good. The FBI is full of scared little boys who watch too much cops and robbers television. What they did to those peace activists is wrong and they need to be held accountable. I am a retired Navy SEAL and worked in Iraq for three and a half years. It is a waste of money and lives. Corporations and the employees they hire are stealing your hard-earned tax dollars. It is NOT worth what we are paying for and will only bring our beloved country down.

  3. Video of Minnesotans demonstrating outside the FBI on Monday, Sept. 27th: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jl-G-3cYns

  4. charug211 says:

    If we try to list out names of violent and non-violent people we have known of, the latter list would be much smaller. Why is it that we are at a loss here? Do hatred, fear and abhorrence have a higher psychological ranking within us than peace, love and contentment? Understand better how our mind registers and reacts to these two sides of the same coin http://oneworldacademy.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/non-violence/

  5. Rebecca J. ("Roxy") Ketah-Roxas, ASPS, BSBA, MPA says:

    Do not trust him since his daddy was an oilman = closet Republican, Black Panther Party hate monger.
    Catch a clue, his family does not like White or fair skinned folks at all.
    Anything to do with Iraq = big oil
    We need to peacefully encourage American businesses to pay fair market rates per barrel for the oil and secure the safety of Americans working in oil producing nations.
    Just change tactics to promote American imports and exports. Now we need to focus on domestically building new oil refineries in many states.

  6. Rebecca J. ("Roxy") Ketah-Roxas, ASPS, BSBA, MPA says:

    “Power to the People” is purposefully presented to the American general public as “communism” or “nationalist socialism” aka NAZI party movement. Be careful with that phrase.
    -King David’s Tribe cares about Christian Socialism

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