Thank you, you made a difference in the elections.

Thank you for voting and supporting Peace Action’s unique Peace Voter work.  We, along with our affiliates, helped thousands of voters get to the polls and educated them about how candidates stood on peace issues.  16 out of 25 candidates that Peace Action endorsed or supported won their elections.  Peace champions like Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Jim McGovern and Sen. Barbara Boxer stood strong against the wave election.

To see the whole list of Peace Action candidates that won and to help them stay in office click here:


Representative Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ 7th), campaign came to us for help earlier this year.  Because we recognized the threat before the political handicappers did, Peace Action PAC gave the maximum $5,000 to his campaign and supporters like you chipped in raising another $5,200.  Peace Action supporters volunteered for the campaign.

Thanks to your generosity, we sent our National Field Organizer, Judith LeBlanc, with over thirty years of experience to work the final crucial week coordinating the “predictive calling center” where she helped volunteers make over 70,000 calls to voters.

Senator John McCain — who responded to a birdogging question by a trained New Hampshire Peace Action staffer that the U.S. should stay in Iraq for 100 years — and the Tea Party threw money and staff to defeat

This morning it was official, Raul won by a mere 5,900 votes. As the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Raul and his staff praised Peace Action for financial help and also for putting “sweat equity” into the campaign.

Look to see all the Peace Action candidates that joined Raul in victory and give them some early money for their next election.

Even in races where we lost, we are laying the groundwork for peace champions to win in the future.  For example, our own Jonathan Williams joined with volunteers from New Hampshire Peace Action to help get out the vote for Ann McLane Kuster’s first run for Congress.  They contacted thousands of voters face-to-face and on the phone.  Kuster lost by only one percent and is poised to win next time.

Thank you for your help and support of our Peace Voter work.

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