Weighing the Price of War – Candid Interviews with Parents Who Lost Children in the Afghanistan War

As a parent of two teenagers, I cannot imagine the excruciating pain of losing a child in war. Of course, this is the daily reality for far too many parents in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and far too many countries around the world.

And of course it is also the reality for thousands of parents of U.S. service personnel killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  This San Antonio Express-News article offers remarkably candid interviews with parents who lost their children in Afghanistan, some of whom now question whether the war is worth fighting. It’s worth a read, to help us as peacemakers understand the perspective of people who have lost their most precious thing in life. Thanks to Michael Eisenscher of US Labor Against the War for forwarding this article.

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  1. War is really costly. So many lives have been wasted and will still be wasted if this goes on and on. The government just doesn’t realize the pain of losing one’s children and all for a worthless cause.

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