anti-nuclear movement

RIP, Dagmar Wilson, Co-founder of Women Strike for Peace

I never met Dagmar Wilson (more’s the pity for me), but I knew her name and her work, and she touched my life, and those of many others, in a profound way.

She helped found Women Strike for Peace, which protested nuclear weapons testing in 1961 (the year before I was born!) and later the Viet Nam War. Women Strike for Peace played an absolutely key role (along with the organization that begat Peace Action, the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy or SANE) in mobilizing popular support to end above-ground nuclear testing, and generally challenging the insanity of the Cold War nuclear arms race between the U.S. and Soviet Union.

Today’s very good Washington Post obituary called her “A mother who took a stand for peace,” what a great tribute!  Dagmar Wilson, also an author of children’s books, died January 6 at age 94. Rest In Peace, Dearest Dagmar.

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