Month: February 2011

Stand up for peaceful alternatives to war

Last month, Republicans slashed and burned their way through the federal budget, gutting critical programs in an ideological drive to cut billions of dollars in spending. While the military spending juggernaut saw an $8 billion increase, Republicans eviscerated diplomacy and development programs that prevent conflict, create stability, and […]

Psy ops on senators

Michael Hastings, the reporter famous for bringing down General McChrystal, is back in Rolling Stone with another explosive story. Hastings exposes “another runaway general” (there seem to be too many of these) who instructed soldiers in a “psychological operations” team to manipulate key visitors, including US senators, into […]

Peace as an agent of change

Today, in spite of — or perhaps because of — the Libyan regime’s brutal attempts to crack down on protesters, Gaddafi continues to lose territory to his opposition. This has been in large part because members of his own police and military are switching loyalties and refusing to […]