Our Taxes Are Off to War – Terrific Resource on US Military Spending and Policy

If you care about peace, disarmament, just budget priorities, and promoting nonviolent social and political change in the world, here is a terrific resource for you from longtime Cleveland Peace Action activist Randy Schutt, in the form of a diary on the blog Daily Kos.

Randy lays out in clear terms, with charts and graphics, the nearly incomprehensible largesse of US military spending and compares it to spending on human needs here in the US and also military spending by the rest of the world’s countries. He also touches on US arms sales (we’re number one!), foreign bases (number one again!) and support for repressive regimes around the world. He argues, persuasively, that not having enemies is the best military policy, and that nonviolent resistance is the best way to bring about the downfall of dictatorships.

This is really a great resource – read it, use it, spread it around!

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  1. Please remind President Obama that he was elected on a peace mandate which provided for the end of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq!!

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