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“Unbelievable.” That’s how a retired army colonel described a new report that details rising catastrophic injuries to US troops. General Petraeus may have just testified to Congress that we’re making progress in Afghanistan, but the number of soldiers losing more than one limb tripled in 2010.

These numbers are tragic, but they don’t lie. The war in Afghanistan continues to spiral out of control, and it’s unconscionable for our government to expect soldiers to continue this enormous sacrifice in an unnecessary war. Tell your senators to cosponsor Sen. Boxer’s bill requiring the president to set a timeline for withdrawal, starting in July.

When President Obama decided to send 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan in 2009, he made a pledge to begin a withdrawal in July 2011. The Pentagon has other ideas, and will be pushing the president to make the withdrawal as small as possible. One officer told the Washington Post, “Our hope is that we’ll be able to get away with no combat troops getting pulled out this summer.”

Congress must not stand for this. They need to pull out all the stops and state clearly and forcefully that they expect a significant withdrawal in July and a swift end to the war. Urge your senators to make a statement by cosponsoring Sen. Boxer’s bill.

Thank you for taking action.

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  1. Thank you activists at for informing me and your other e-list folks that Sen. Barbara Boxer has a bill to demand a real timeline for U.S. withdrawal from occuying Afghanistan.

    I called my Florida Senators with that message and its importance to our precious service personnel.

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