Send a soldier to Congress

Will the July withdrawal from Afghanistan be a real step toward ending the war, or a photo op? If the Pentagon has its way, we won’t be leaving Afghanistan any time soon. They’re trying to fudge things by offering up just 5-10,000 troops for the July withdrawal, many of them support staff and maintenance personnel.

The Pentagon is playing games, and we need Congress to push back, hard. That’s why we need your help to cut through the politics and make this war personal.

We need YOUR words, YOUR personal messages about why you want to end the war. We’ll tie your message to a toy soldier and send it to Congress in a virtual march that will make the opposition to war impossible to ignore. Click here to send your soldier to Congress.

Our organizers have been hitting the streets gathering moving and heartbreaking stories from around the country about the war. Imagine receiving hundreds of toy soldiers with messages like the ones we’ve already gathered:

“I’d like to see my brother come home safe.”

“My parents came to this country fleeing bloody war. I want my America to live up to its promises and ideals.”

“My daughter needs her father much more than the world needs another dead soldier.”

“I have a ten-year-old daughter whose future is being held hostage by the moral and material costs of this war.”

Add your voice to their call. Click here to tell Congress why you want to bring the troops home, and we’ll attach your message to a soldier and send it to Washington, DC.

Members of Congress know this war is unpopular. Now we need to show them that we’re not going to sit idly by and let them continue it. Send your soldier to Congress today.

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