Portland event: Kathy Kelly on the costs of war, the price of peace

We are happy to be cosponsoring an event in August with renowned activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly. If you’re in the Portland area, please come out for an inspiring night.

Kathy Kelly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq: The Costs of War, the Price of Peace
Friday, August 5th 
Moriarty Arts Building Auditorium
Portland Community College Cascade
705 NE Killingsworth (at Albina), Portland, OR
Free of charge

Kelly, the co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, has a wealth of experience that will surely make for an interesting talk:

Kathy traveled to Afghanistan three times in 2010, working closely with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers in search of non-military solutions to end the war. In 2009, she lived in Gaza during the Operation Cast Lead bombing; later that year, Voices visited Pakistan, aiming to learn more about the effects of U.S. drone warfare. Kathy and her companions lived in Baghdad throughout the 2003 “Shock and Awe” bombing. From 1996 to 2003, Voices activists formed 70 delegations that openly defied economic sanctions by bringing medicines to children and families in Iraq. Kathy also headed to Gaza on the “Freedom Flotilla II” in June 2011, and was prevented from visiting Palestine both by sea and after flying into Israel.

With increasing calls for the troops to come home from Afghanistan, a looming deadline to withdraw from Iraq in December, and drone attacks reported at a rate of about twice weekly, Kelly’s talk promises to be informative and transformative.


You can view a flyer for the event here.

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  1. thank you for doing this PAW.

    it would be nice to have a virtual connection for us that can’t take part. what do you think?

    + it is appreciated if give notice a bit more then what MFAN just did at theirs. especially for those of us with tricky internet + if don’t work, have time to go elsewhere.

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