Global Activism

Nonviolent Opposition to Militarism from Kansas City to Korea!

As the U.S. Empire declines, more indefensible and inexplicable pieces of the war machine are exposed and opposed by peace-mongers around the world. Two in the news today, both for their absurdity but also for the effective, nonviolent resistance they have provoked, are the new bomb factory to make non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons in Kansas City and a proposed U.S. naval base related to Star Wars “missile defense” on Jeju Island, South Korea.

KC Peace Planters, a coalition which includes our Peace Action affiliate, PeaceWorks Kansas City, succeeded in placing an initiative on this fall’s election ballot to stop the planned bomb factory and replace it with a green energy plant. The Kansas City council is moving to get the initiative off the ballot, citing spurious “national security” arguments. Stay tuned for more information on how to support the struggle to stop the bomb factory in KC.

Half a world away, the residents of Gangjeong, Jeju want to be left alone to continue farming and fishing on their beautiful island rather than hosting a naval base intended to serve as part of a provocative and useless “missile defense” system. Our friend Christine Ahn has an excellent op-ed on the issue in the International Herald Tribune. Read it, learn more and act in solidarity with the people of Jeju by signing and circulating this petition.

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