Peace Action Co-Chair in KC Star re 9/11 10th anniversary

National Peace Action Board of Directors Co-Chair Dave Pack had a letter to the editor published in the Kansas City Star last Friday. Well done, Dave!

Dear Editor:
Our country’s response to the 9/11 acts of terrorism was war in Afghanistan followed by war in Iraq. These 2 failed wars have brought us no real security. Indeed, the cost of these wars has significantly reduced our financial security by bringing us to the brink of national bankruptcy, a fact I suspect the terrorists see as one of their greatest successes.
Columnist Joel Brinkley (Star, September 3) summarizes the real costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They include
 $1.4 trillion to date in direct appropriations
 $2.6 trillion to date in added interest on U.S. debt and veteran’s medical expenses
This $4 trillion to date is nearly 30% of our nation’s $14 trillion debt. Estimates of future expenses are another $2 trillion to pay interest on U.S. debt and continuing medical expenses for 150,000 wounded veterans.
War is not the answer.
David J. Pack
Peace Action National Board Co-Chair

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  1. Art Spiegelman, in his book “In the Shadow of No Towers”, pointed out that after the attack, the world was sympathetic, and it was a rare opportunity for the U.S. to demonstrate its nobility – instead it became a catalyst for the United States to once again, demonstrate its addiction to war, and ruin the reputation of the United States throughout much of the world.

  2. War is not the answer? Fighting is what we are talking about at the simplest level. Homo sapiens unfortunately are fighters at many levels. The question is how to come up with creative channels for this urge. The juggernaut of economic forces is not focused on this.

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