Nuclear Weapons

15 Years in Limbo

On September 24, 1996, President Clinton signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which would ban any signatory nation from exploding nuclear weapons.

The problem is that 15 years later, the Senate has yet to ratify the treaty. And without the full backing of the United States, the treaty has languished, with progress in other countries stalled as well.

But now, President Obama is testing the waters for a possible push to finally ratify the treaty, and set the stage for a global ban on nuclear explosions. After our recent victory in making the first reductions to the US and Russian nuclear arsenals in decades, momentum is on our side.

That’s why I believe the time for the CTBT is now. Click here to tell your senators to support ratification of the CTBT.

As the leaders of the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World we are spearheading a national week of action starting September 24th, with hundreds of groups across the country urging their senators to support ratification of the CTBT as soon as possible.

Join thousands of other activists to amplify your voice and call for the Senate to ratify the CTBT.

This treaty is a necessary step to achieving a world free of nuclear weapons. If we want to repeat the victory we had with New START, we need to lay the groundwork now. The sooner we show the Senate that the public supports the CTBT, the better chance we have to swing the key votes we need to ratify.

Click here to tell your senators to support ratification of the CTBT and make the world safer from the threat of nuclear weapons.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about the need to ratify the CTBT. It is time for the U.S. to finally ratify this important agreement for the sake of all humanity.

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