Troops to come home from Iraq: Share your thoughts!

After nearly 9 years, the U.S. is withdrawing troops from Iraq.

There is no doubt in my mind that this couldn’t have happened without you.

Before this war even began, you responded to President Bush’s announcement by hitting the streets and taking part in the largest worldwide protests in history. After the first bombs fell, you continued marching in protest after protest in city after city. Over the years, you’ve called, wrote, and even occupied Congress. You’ve spent cold nights in solemn vigils waving to passing cars. You’ve forwarded Action Alerts, registered voters, and spread the word to friends and family. You’ve joined with thousands of others to support Peace Action and maintain a nationwide network of concerned and committed activists.

By 2008, you had made the war in Iraq an inescapable election issue.

President Obama, our first black President, was elected under pressure to end this war. After his election, you kept the pressure on. Now, President Obama has announced that the 41,000 U.S. troops currently deployed to Iraq will return home by December 31.

In our tireless struggle, we must count our victories.

This is a momentous victory for you, after years of unwavering commitment. This is a victory for an entire generation of youth, who have grown up only knowing war. This is a victory for the Iraqi people, who have suffered by the millions and ultimately refused to allow U.S. troops to remain after the agreed upon deadline. And this is a victory for our troops and their families, who are no longer put in danger for an unnecessary war.

Of course, our work is not done.

The State Department is planning to maintain an army of thousands of private security contractors in Iraq. Our service members are returning home to a devastated economy with few job prospects and facing the possibility of redeployment to Afghanistan. Our veterans face a rising suicide epidemic and will require our care for decades to come. We will have to call upon all of our collective power to remain vigilant for peace.

As move into 2012, our work continues. We will continue to push for negotiations in Afghanistan, we will keep up the pressure to make ending the Afghanistan War an election-year issue, and together we will shift our national priorities to move the money from wars and weapons back to our communities.

Humbly for Peace,
Kevin Martin
Executive Director, Peace Action

You’ve spent years working to end this war. We want to hear from you! What do you think about the troop withdrawal? Post your thoughts today!

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  1. This war never should have happened in the first place. I rejoice that after almost nine terrible, terrible years, our troops will be coming home at last. But our work for peace is far from over–Peace to all.

  2. We are thrilled that our troops are leaving Iraq and coming home. Sadly, we are left with the knowledge that this war was costly…not only financially, but in the loss of our most precious resource…our soldiers. We should never have gone to war with Iraq and we are proud that we braved scorn and ridicule to stand up and speak out against invading Iraq so many years ago. Hopefully we have learned our lesson and will never wage an optional war again. Peace to all…

  3. As a long time peace activist, I am elated that this is at last happening. I’ve heard people complaining it didn’t happen sooner, shouldn’t have happened at all, and all of that is true. I’ve also heard from the opponents that this is the wrong move. My personal belief is whenever something not good ends, I am grateful, and pray that we will get out of all the places where we are killing and having our own killed. Invest in people and their lives, not their deaths! God is love.

  4. ‘Bout time. War accomplishes nothing except heartbreak and loss. And making a few people rich. The time has come to end all war.

  5. I spent a year in Afghanistan and it changed my life forever. I know 9 soldiers that were killed and went to many more funerals. I have done and seen things that are just horrible. The emotional toll of this war has yet to be seen. I salute the troops and honor the warrior but I am against these wars and have been since I had my awakening in 2004-05. Patriots of America and the world will always be in a fight against evil but I sleep at night knowing I am on the right side and that in itself makes me free.

    • “Right side,” anonymous writer? Based, exactly on WHAT…your desire that it be so?

      We all lament the death and suffering of 911, but each year over TEN times that many suffer and die in the US because their insurance policies they paid for would not cover them. Hey, why not bomb Hartford?

      Schools get “judged” by non-educators and have their funding cut, if they don’t meet some artificial criteria.

      Only 4% of congressional districts have truly disputed election outcomes because of gerrymandering and money.

      BP, a murderer, is out seeking new contracts, rather than being tried in court. So much for corporations being “people.”

      We still drone bomb our ally Pakistan, and say we have the right to kill folks without trials.

      What are ou soldiers killing and dying for? How do you define “right side”?

      • Any journey begins with a single step. I rejoice that someone who went to either Iraq or Afghanistan survived and returns to say that these wars are wrong.

        If more people would have such courage of conviction, perhaps there might not be another war around the corner.

  6. There will remain in Iraq 5,500 private contractors to protect the US military base which is enormous in its size. And the troops they remove from Iraq will merely be diverted to another illegal, unjust war. It’s all just smoke an mirrors.

      • Unfortunately Julia is correct …Thank God some are coming home. However the warmongering will continue and will escalate. This is nothing more than a pathetic political re election stunt, at the cost of American peace loving citizens.

  7. War is usually the result of criminal actions taken on the part of a handful of corrupt leaders intent upon taking by force land and resources rightfully belonging to others. Until such criminals are routinely brought to justice and forced to pay a suitable penalty for their crimes, wars will continue unabated. Peace is the result of justice and enforced laws. We should be insisting on re-joining the World Criminal Court and bringing our own war criminals to justice, i.e., George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfelt, etc. I repeat: war is not the result of rational people who simply need better, calmer negotiation skills. It is the result of corrupt leaders, and followers, committing criminal acts. No justice, no peace.

  8. The withdrawal was planned long ago – I do not believe this has anything to do with “us”, and I believe that Obama is using this for political clout – a campaign strategy. There are some serious questions that have not been answered re the withdrawal, and, just because there is an election coming, Obama perhaps should have looked at this longer. This was a bad war – it was based on lies and deception. Now, we have a president who is going to pull troops out and mile it for political gain. AND, WHERE WILL HE BE SENDING THESE TROOPS NEXT? I will bet their will barely be home before Obama has them in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or some other country. It is a snake and I will never vote for him again!

    • I have thoughts along the same lines, Maggie. I remember hearing and reading during the Bush years that the U.S. had built 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. I’ve got a feeling that our troops will be back in that country again, if a future president has some pretext for sending them there.

    • They are coming home thanks to the Iraqi government that would not agree to give them immunity from persecution if they stayed behind. We would have kept military bases there for ever. It served Malaki well to get the troops out and look tough so he can keep his own power. Obama is willing to keep in step with the hawk military leadership. He has disappointed me repeatedly, I do not trust him and will not vote for him again. It is time for the peace bloc to vote for a third party.

  9. I am glad that the troops are coming home to their families so that along with the people of Iraq, there will be peace for American and Iraqi families. No one has to worry about losing their loved ones and people dear to them. God bless all people.

    • Glad you’re glad. Peace is good, right?

      Especially for some of us.

      Now, please write your Congresspeople and media about reparations to that millions of iraqi refugees and broken families so they can afford to go home, ok?

      And if that reparations money were to come from Social Security and not from the Defense Budget, so be it, right? Peace.

  10. What about the tens of thousands of mercenaries? Obama continues to lie and promote more war. Cut the so called “defense” budget by 80% and then we will have accomplised something!

  11. Yet again, I am grateful that we finally have such an intelligent and compassionate President. President Obama is doing his best to restore us to the nation we were before the Bush era, as well as tending to making corrections as far as our our ethical responsibilities for social and just causes go. I am proud that such an enlightened man is representing the United States and see so many positive changes can continue if only the Republicans in Congress and Senate will respect his attempts to bring stability and progress to us all.

    • Well said, at least the man is trying, despite the fact that the right will bash him for taking America out of the game and some on the left will bash him for not doing it sooner or questioning his motive. He has made great strides pushing the boulder uphill against the right who fight him at every turn. I wish more people would help push instead of walking behind and complaining every step of the way. Do I agree with everything he does, not always, but do we really want to take the president down and go back to the type of administration that got us into this mess in the first place? I stand by my man and his amazing wife.

  12. Let’s not mislead people into thinking that all is well in Iraq. We have been told to leave. Thanks, President Obama, for heeding the wishes of the people of Iraq. However, the decision to replace American Service men and women with American mercenaries–at three to four times the cost to taxpayers (even if it’s five or ten thousand) and MORE profit to Cheney and his thugs–when he and Bush started this trillion dollar and untold deaths war with a country who DID NOT have WMD–is a mistake, and I don’t like it being swept under the rug with the rest of the elephants.

  13. Should have never been there in the first place
    Now they/big brother/pentagon/media hype push nonsense about bringing democracy to Iraq
    Only oil & war industry (bush cronies) made big bucks
    still makes me puke about whole ugly mess
    and crap about war heros dying to protect amerika…yeeek

  14. It is sad to see that people like Bush do not learn the lessons from the history; The history that they never did study anyway…. In recent years, almost past two centuries, there has not been a WAR per say, that has been a success for either side involved in a WAR.
    Lives, energies, monies, etc., etc… have been lost FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Let us hope for the future that people like Bush will never be strong enough to initiate another WAR, EVER……..
    Pease upon you….

  15. My reaction was tears! Tears because finally, finally, after all the years of speaking out against this atrocity — even when it was almost dangerous to be a dissenter — it will finally come to an end. Tears also because this war was a tragedy of epic proportion and there is much to mourn.

    • “…this war was a tragedy of epic proportion and there is much to mourn.”

      A bit more for the Iraqis than for us, I’d say.

      Some on OUR side (but not our friends) even made a colossal profit, and will continue to do so, on our nickel.

  16. We did not go into Iraq only when Bush sent the troops illegally – we were already there. We and the British had flown over every day for 12 years and bombed people and infrastructure. We had inspectors in the country confirming that Hussein had no WMD. AND we won’t be out of there just because most of the soldiers leave. Get the contractors out of there. Relinquish the giant embassy building and build an appropriate one with Iraqi permission. Open up legal and decent contracts and toss the old ones that amount to continued theft. SHOW that, no matter what we have practiced, we do have some idea of what democracy is. America as a nation has murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and 5 thousand of our own people to satisfy a foolish macho pride that shames our nation in the eyes of the world. Obama has more to do than merely announce the removal of the military.

  17. The only thing that bothers me is the contractors that will remain there after we leave. I think they should leave as well. I hope we never have to fight a war like this ever again. I believe it is a shame on our country for allowing this to happen. The leaders that made these decisions had their own interests at heart when they decided to invade this country. When ever we fight a war it should be for the good of the entire nation not because of just one or 2 people.

  18. I am appreciative of the internet where accurate information is available. Our troops have always been scheduled to come back in December. We have tried to keep them there and the Iraqi have refused. I think that we are being misled by the media and by the government …. President Obama taking credit for an agreement made under the Bush administration.
    I, too, believe that we should never had attacked Iraq, never had troops there, and am appalled that we continue this approach of aggression rather than working cooperatively with nations all over the world.
    I am sad for those who have been traumatized by this, and am glad some of our troops will be coming home. JCG

  19. I have an uneasy feeling that they are going to need these forces right in the good ole’ USA…seeing as quite a bit of folks are starting to protest and wake-up to what is really going on…there seems to be civil unrest at how this corrupt government has been able to do whatever it wants for as long as it has….and they are just taking steps to protect themselves and their illegal operations…but this is just an opinion and as long as there is still freedom of speech,I am entitled to state mine..Good luck are going to need it!!

  20. Where is the accountability for creating a disaster that has taken so many precious lives? This disaster, based on manipulative lies designed to frighten people into supporting this absolutely insane act has hurt so many people – where is the accountability? Why is it that regular citizens have to face consequences for relatively minor acts when our “leaders” commit mass murder and walk away scot-free?

    • I feel that I understand the feelings of those who want to see the perpetrators of this American error – somehow held accountable and appropriately punished. I don’t think that is going to happen and the reason is that the action would be more destructive to our society than we can abide in this time of excessive dissension. We would be in one kind of court or another for a long time. Observers can clearly see that PNAC set this up and the followers of Project philosophy enforced the Ayn Rand style with impunity. We can go forward and strive to make less of these kinds of egregious errors in the future and try to establish fault and show who has done these things at every opportunity to comment or write an honest history or letters to editors. Eventually, maybe more.

  21. We are leaving behind that behemoth embassy, countless embassy staff and private contractors will abound. So, exactly where is the withdrawal? Good work to withdraw those that we are but the withdrawal work is not over yet. I guess that won’t happen until we have “withdrawn” all of our share of the oil in that country.

  22. As you rightly point out, there will still be thousands of US military personnel in Iraq, whether uniformed or as private contractors. The end is not in sight; the US war machine grinds on.

  23. We should never have sent troops in the first place, but I’m glad that President Obama has lived up to one of his promises and finally, many years too late, but finally nevertheless, ended this horrible and unnecessary war. Now, what about Afghanistan? Let’s get them home from there too.

    • Dom,

      Good point. And don’t forget Iran. Our multinational corporate wolves can’t wait to invade Iran. The only thing that might slow them down right now is their conquest of Libya.

      This is nothing new. President Eisenhower said, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” (1961) Even though he was a military leader, he was afraid of the special interest influence of the military and industrial corporate pressure on the people and the government.

      Today, the multinational corporate greed fuels the military and the government. We must resist this in every way we can. By how we vote; by how we shop; and by how we organize.

  24. The problems facing the soldiers when they return are multi faceted and will be difficult to resolve, but our President wants to help these returning men and women by getting a jobs bill through this non-active congress and it is up to all of us to make sure that we respond and tell our elected officials now is the time to stop playing games. This is the time when we start as FDR did during the depression with programs that employ our citizens to ensure that there are jobs for all of our people. The wealthy have enough benefits and now it is time to respect the needs of all people.

  25. I tip my hat to the new constitution — we won’t be fooled again?
    Whatever they are leaving, rest assured it isn’t what they say it is. The only reason they are leaving is because they couldn’t compel the imperialist installed government to allow American troops there without being subject to Iraqi law, i.e. with impunity; that same impunity the neo-cons claimed and which the Obama admin has enthusiastically been perfecting since the 1st day in office. The truth of the matter is that there will be plenty of troops stationed there ostensibly to protect the biggest embassy in the world from which the CIA and their friends can operate with the same impunity.
    It sucks the big one, and any sigh of relief is really premature. And you can stop with the patting yourself on the back.

  26. It makes me so angry that we have all been so used by our leaders, especially those who were used to kill and die for oil and corporate profit. And we’re all guilty to some degree that we have allowed such a grand connivance to take place.

    I hope the die-hard Obama supporters and all the other Democrats who insist on keeping their broken party intact, understand that like the other out-of-the-blue positive actions by the President of late, this is merely an electoral ploy. A campaign stunt, if you will. His intent relies on our faulty memories and our political laziness, in order to win his second term as yet another corporatist President. Another Neo-Liberal in the vein of Bill Clinton.

    If you don’t mind a little blood on your Amerikan Dream, this is da’man.

    Otherwise rejoice in this accomplishment, yes, but we must continue to rail against the military industrial complex that does not measure success in lives saved, but in dollars made.

    Whatever business is lost to the Pentagon minion contractors must be made up somewhere else…

    Think hard about that, and occupy your Democracy!!!

  27. Bringing troops home – a good thing. Leaving an army of private contractors there – a very very bad thing. The private army will have even less oversight, will no doubt commit plenty more crimes (remember Blackwater?), and will do further damage in our name. So this ends up being a p.r. move – it LOOKS good, but only because we the American people will actually SEE less. The media will hail the end of the war, and the war will go on.

  28. I never believed there were weapons of mass destruction, nor did I ever believe Bush was duped by false intel. I had read prior to his even becoming (I can’t say elected, he never was) president that he wanted Saddam Hussein because Saddam had attempted to kill his father and his wife Laura. So all those people lost (both Americans and Iraqis) for a petty vendetta. No one will miss Saddam Hussein but he could have been ousted by Iraq’s own “Arab Spring.”

    Now when are we getting out of Afghanistan–for good?!

  29. Special thanks to the Iraqis for finally kicking us out. Our own politicians otherwise would find it endlessly unmanly to ever leave any military quagmire, no matter how much blood and treasure they would have to continue to squander in order to continually prove their “manhood.” Patriarchy is SUCH bloody nonsense!

  30. It is wonderful and good for our country that the troops are coming home. This is a war that we should not have fought. At too great a cost to Iraqis and to the U.S., Iraq has lost Saddam Hussein and gained the benefit of a fledgling democracy. I sincerely hope that those who have died or been maimed will at least have contributed to a democracy that lasts. I hope that the Iraqis are able to maintain democracy and start to improve their human rights situation and create better lives for themselves.

    • “…are able to maintain democracy…”

      What? as we lose OURS more every day? Democracy in America is gone, friend. Just the make-up remains.

  31. As an old and old-fashioned (Eisenhower-Taft) conservative, I have never understood what national interest the USA had in sending our military into Iraq. Pumping Iraqi oil is corporate, not a national interest. Preventing domestic terrorism requires good ntelligence and police work, not wars in the Middle East and Himalayas.
    John P Blass, MD, PhD

  32. Thank God! Obama is getting us out, soon! Bless him!

    As an old and old-fashioned (Eisenhower-Taft) conservative, I have never understood what national interest of the USA is served by having our military in Iraq. Pumping and selling Iraqi oil is a corporate benefit, not a national interest.

    John P Blass, MD, PhD

  33. Amen! Amen!

    I’m am an associate member of Veterans for Peace Chapter 034 NYC.
    I joined one of the chapters vigils seven years ago. Every Saturday in Forest Hills rain or shine we take the opportunity to talk with the people hand out fliers tying the tragic costs of the war in death and destruction and of course the drain on our ability to service the American people’s needs.

    I’m very proud of the work we have done and will continue to do until the U.S. stops making war.

    wage peace
    gabe falsetta


  35. Home from Iraq, a country we never should have been in. Now sending troops to Africa. More cannon fodder to enrich the bottom line of the industrial military complex. I remember DD Eisenhower warning us about this cabal but apparently we don’t listen well.

  36. This is a Pyrrhic victory at the least. We need to adjudicate all of the perpetrators of this enormity to Iraq and all of the other countries we have meddled in over the past fifty years. We need to seize the assets of the perpetrators of this conspiracy to repay the Iraqi people for the devastation to their people and their country. Those who have profited endlessly from this war need to pay to rebuild what they have destroyed! This was not OUR war, and we shouldn’t be the ones giving our lives for, and paying the bills, so that a few can aspire to a greater wealth. WE ARE FED UP WITH THE CONTINUING EXTORTION FROM OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS! YOU WORK FOR US THE 99%! And I can not wait for justice to be served!
    Kurt Helman

  37. Thousands of expensive mercenaries will remain in Iraq to protect the largest US embassy in the world. Thus Clinton and O-Bomb-A
    feel very secure that corporate interests will be protected.
    The occupation continues in Iraq.

  38. Thousands of mercenaries–excuse me, “private contractors”–will remain behind in Iraq. We continue to shake a big stick at Iran, we won’t be getting out of Afghanistan anytime soon, we took illegal military action against Libya earlier this year and just weeks ago assassinated a U.S. citizen in Yemen (followed closely by his 16-year-old son) without due process.
    It’s nice that U.S. troops are finally leaving Iraq, but the eight-and-a-half-year war there is only part of a larger, lingering problem: the American mindset of endless war. If the question is “have we learned anything from Iraq?”, my answer is “no”.

  39. I hope that my new grandson “Will Power Cotter” might one day be Secretary of Peace and Good Will…when will we ever learn?
    Let us hope there is some true peace dividend from this change of chapter and we do not get farther into the endless quagmire of Afghanistan and Pakistan…

  40. It’s about time! Now when they cut that half-trillion budget to the pentagon, withdraw troops and bases from Afghanistan and region, and stop sending oil-sniffing troops into more places like Uganda, we just might get a kick start on the long road to recovery. Else current foreign policy will break our economy yet.

  41. The Hawks are angry because they don’t feel we won. Well we didn’t but there is no winning in this or any war with these muslim countries. They hate each other , they hate Isreal, and they hate us and all non Muslims countries so what can you win. You get rid of one despot and bedlam takes over. Why is this so difficult to understand?
    We keep throwing money and our men at them and they take the bribe, kill the men and don’t look back.
    We need to get out, strengthen our own country, fix our own problems, and bring the money and the men home. All of them.
    This is a no win situation.
    Washington, Congress, The State Department, and the Pentagon listen up. We don’t care what the middle east does. All religeous extremeist are crazy and not to be trusted. All of them foreign and domestic.

  42. Well said. The fact is that the so-called democractic “non-religious” Christian country – US of A – who had driven out the British Cousin at the last battle of Connecticut to share the loot supported British colonialism throughout history. Actually the defeated General Cornvallis of the imperial Britain went stright to India (Kolkata) to start the colonization a large continent…The rest is history. Every European cousins of US of A in Europe apportioned, enslaved, exploited the resty of the world – the American continent, Africa, South East Asia, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and countless ocean islands……During this long period of brutal colonialism, US of A remained a “freedom-loving” partner its cousin colonialists. When each and every colonial enclaves were leading fredom struggle, US of A supported their European cousins. It is laughable to recall when the erstwhile White Supremist Southern Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence from Briton, there was only one country in the whole world to recognize this segregated country (Today’s Zimbave) which was none other than US of A. After second world war, most of the European colonialists lost their grip on their ex-colonies which US of A filled with military bases….about 134 known bases and countless other unknown bases………Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. touches only the tip of the iceberg……The hundreds of thousands of people who lost their lives in far away lands at the hands of a brutal colonial minded military-industrial complex (which talks about freedom and independence incessantly) called US of A is a fact of history. Religious fanaticism of all Abrahamic children are the curse of this world today…..Violence is the only weapon in the hands of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic fanatics………Well, I congratulate the war-monger – President Obama – to bring all the troops and money home by the end of this year. Hopefully, he will likewise dismantle the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. etc. etc. and follow a policy of non-violence and peaceful co-exisrence….

  43. President Obama is doing what he said he would do. Once we stop draining the Treasury on senseless war, maybe we can get started on rebuilding the economy by actually creating jobs and the training opportunities needed to do those jobs.

  44. First of all, I’ll believe it when I see the “Boys come marching home” secondly I hear they are going to keep “advisors” in Iraq and I guess that means what we had in Viet Nam and providers like Blackwater and Halliburton. How dumb are the American people?

  45. Pulling profit-motive from war-making is essential…the first step was bring home our troops. The next is depriving profits from private contractors. The untold millions (billions?) of profits gleaned from this illegal occupation should be dried up immediately!

  46. While it is laudible that the US is withdrawing, don’t get too excited; As far as I can see with current news re: drones, sending troops to other nations etc..all we are doing is rearranging the forces. A war may have been ended, but THE war to maintain empire continues with no interruption.

    Finally, exactly where and how does this leave the Iraqui people? We invaded based on a lie; we leave based on a slight of hand. The true victims continue on in a world we made..but now without us.

    • I just posted this: Yea! After all these years. We’re still holding our demonstration against the war in Napa until the other war stops. I was always depressed when my friends said the dems are the only choice I have. Now I’m asking people who treasure the constitution, who want a balanced government that values civil spending over the military to make a statement for their peaceful beliefs. A brand new pledge is circulating that gives people a simple way to say that principle is more important than expediency and patriotism. It is at I So Pledge on Facebook. Go there, click, Like, and leave a comment on the Wall. And feel better.

  47. After 9 years of spending on this ill conceived war and wasting our treasure on death and destruction which has put us in debt instead of building our nation: Hooray.

  48. I am glad we are leaving but deeply troubled by our policies and attitudes. As Martin Luther King Jr. said we are showing that the giant triplets of “militarism, materialism and racism” cannot be conquered. We need a fundamental change in our society from one that embraces statism, militarism and corporatism to one that embraces liberty, peace and justice.

  49. WE did it?? Wishful thinking my friend, and perhaps taking a bit of the credit is well-deserved given the time and effort in struggling against the War…BUT…sad to say, such credit is largely UNdeserved.

    3 years into the Obama regime, and only NOW a “withdrawal??? The Dems as a party have yet to call their constituents to oppose this or other war actions. The DEAD? The REFUGEES? The TORTURE? The DRONES? The obscene oil benefits?

    Success? Where?

    If this Admin wants out now, they’ve got their reasons…but, PLEASE, it’s NOT because you and I wanted it!!!!

    Sure, take a pat on the back, but GET REAL!

  50. Well, I was ready to celebrate, until I read these notes on REALITY.
    I will try to remain hopeful of our removal from occupation of Iraq, but I must agree, timing looks political, the war mongering looks like it will continue with Blackwater and Haliburton – our beloved nation of the people, by the people for the people needs our peoples continued vigilance and votes for those who believe in peace. Sadly, peace is not profitable in immediacy, if politicians could look down the road to the big picture, how wonderful it could be, to act like real adults and communicate rather than toddlers grabbing at anything and declaring ownership of it through force. We must carry our message of peace peace peace.

  51. At last most of the troops are coming home from Iraq. I’m not convinced that the U. S. won’t still have a permanent military base there with several thousand troops. At least the worst is over after about 4,000 troops died. What you hardly ever here about is the perhaps 1 1/2 Iraqis who left their country and became immigrants; or the perhaps million Iraqis who died in the war. We’ve had a number of ill-conceived wars in our history but nothing can compare to the huge amount of deaths and destruction we have caused in Iraq. We should spend a couple of billion dollars in rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq even though this would not be much more than a token of our desire to make things better for the Iraqi People.

  52. My thanks to President Obama for bringing this tragic epoch to a close. We were lied to and misled into a conflict which benefited al qaeda and its recruitment, while Iraqis & the U.S. suffered as yet uncounted losses. The dead are only a fraction of the losses. Wounded, severe brain injury, amputees, shattered families . . . We now have the responsibility of doing far better than we ever have done before in seeing to it that these receive the very best that we can provide. It can never be enough.
    Oh, yes, I know that this country is not prepared to give the president ANY credit, for anything, ever!

    • The above not ANNONYMOUS – Richard Jagodowski
      I thank our troops and I thank President obama. “Imagine’ Peace!

  53. I’m waiting to see if it will happen. What about the huge embassy the U.S. built there? What about Blackwater now known as Xe? After all the lies the government has told us why should we believe them now?

  54. I agree with many others that the war Bush started in Iraq ,based on weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, was pointless and a waste of many young men and women who lost their lives or are maimed for life. Oddly 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq, the killers in those planes were Saudis in a country we are still “buddy buddy” with because of their oil. Also, what has been the purpose of the deadly and 10 year war in Afghanistan, again started by Bush. The Afghans did not attack the World Trade buildings or the Pentagon. It is tragic that useless war continues with many more lives of young soldiers lost or whose lives are blighted forever by war injuries. War is a tragic wasate that never resolves anything. It is something that afflicts the human species that results in wars always being started. We WWII veterans hoped we would have a world at Peace after another terrible conflict. Sadly, so many lives were lost and the vision of peace never became a reality.

  55. I have had three sons, two brothers, three nephews who have served in Iraq. Two of my sons have also done tours in Afghanastan. I was appaled that Mr. G. W. Bush was so juvanile in his attempt to reclaim his father’s lost honor, that he would show how little he had by lying to us to get into Iraq. But it is now done and over with, and the Iraqi people, once things settle and their government gels and stabilizes will be better off for it.,Like Ghadafi, Saddam need to be ousted and his people freed to make a better government minus the tyranny. Afghanastan is an entirely different story.

    The home and training ground for so many attacks around the world, and all you bleeding hearts saying “we need to pull out, get out, etc.” IF we do that, within a month, tha Talibahn are back in control and the terror starts again. HAVE YOU ALL FORGOTTEN
    9-11-2001????? I haven’t. My husband lost his two beautiful children and two of our grand babies in those towers that day. I watched live as the second plane hit the tower and claimed their lives. My husband woke to wittness the murder of his children and grandchildren played over and over again on the news, helpless. My brothers and sons and nephews were angry and outraged. My brothers were already in the service and reserves, one of my nephews also. My sons joined to help avenge the death of their siblings and neice and nephew, my nephews did the same. They have fought valiantly for freedom from tyranny and terror.

    For you think it should end with the death of Osama bin Laden, Think again. Pakastan, our ‘supposed’ ally knew where he was and protected him for his money. They know where the lead Tallibahn members are, yet they give them safe harbor as they lay in wait to return to Afghanastan. They are even supporting a new terror group, some freinds they are. Personally, I would ask the UN not to intervine, and tell India, “you want em, go get em” with no sanctions to India if they were to invade Pakastan, or better yet put UN sanctions on Pakastan UNTIL they clan up their act and help put an end so we can come home.

    This is not coming from a place of anger or hate, but a place in my heart that hopes no one else has to suffer the debillitating loss that all of us who lost loved ones on 9-11 felt. From a place that knows Freedom isn’t free, and peace only comes from pain and loss, in fighting for freedom and what is right. So to those who think we should leave, THINK AGAIN!

  56. It’s great that most troops now in Iraq are coming home, but I’m not sure that’s the full story. Are U.S.-paid security contractors going to be taking over the troops’ role? What if there are major attacks against our Embassy? Will U.S. troops now in the region resume combat in Iraq if our interests are threatened?

  57. Our military operations around the globe need to be scaled back in a big way. It’s pretty obvious that we can’t afford it, it’s environmentally destructive, and it makes the U.S. a target for those who resent our intrusions. What’s going on in Guam is a prime example.

  58. There isn’t much trust left in my assessment of what our government might or might not do. Don’t really know how many troops will be left there nor what the qualifications for returning will be. Listening to some of the military pundits like General “Spider” Clarke it seems that this was a terrible move because we can never leave that region; NEVER. It’s election time now so Obama will be applying some reasonableness to his image as CIC. Wait a year or so to celebrate….

  59. Check how many wars this country has been in from day one. We are the so-called savior of all the countries that we setup, got rid of the old regiem and put our puppet in. Then we get the shaft. This is a peace loving country? Keep our Army, Navy’ Airforce, Marines etc. at home. If we are attacked by any country then fight to win

  60. Yea! After all these years. We’re still holding our demonstration against the war in Napa until the other war stops. I was always depressed when my friends said the dems are the only choice I have. Now I’m asking people who treasure the constitution, who want a balanced government that values civil spending over the military to make a statement for their peaceful beliefs. A brand new pledge is circulating that gives people a simple way to say that principle is more important than expediency and patriotism. It is at I So Pledge on Facebook. Go there, click, Like, and leave a comment on the Wall. And feel better.

  61. The occupation is not over with thousands of contractors and our middling in the corrupt government we formed. They is nothing to celebrate. Lets get back to working for real peace.

  62. @Arnie

    You are so right and its not just Iraq, its Afghanistan, or support of the oppression of Palestine and our meddling in the affairs of Africa and many other countries around the world. We have become the police force of the fascist corporations and that must end.

  63. The war in Iraq, like the war in Afghanistan was not just. We cannot continue to take our young people and put them into harms way on issues that have nothing to do with the safety and well-being of our country. There is no joy in seeing the end of this war. There can be no acceptance of our troops in foreign lands. We are neglecting the issues of our country’s needs. I feel only sorrow and shame that this has continued so long and we have done so little. Who is this government? They do not represent the people. This evil must end. It is time for the American people to take back their government, their media and their lives. We are not here to become slaves of money and power. Yet that is what we have become.

    • I have never understood, nor will I ever, that killing people is the way to peace. An old definition of insanity : dong the same thing over and over and over again, always expecting different results……

      It doesn’t seem to matter who is president, or which party is in control, the basic constitution of the United States has been either ignored, or twisted to serve those in power.
      The government needs to serve the people of the United States.
      It seems that a good way to get out of this insanity, would be to have strict term limits and a reclaiming of government power, especially of Congress who have run away with abuse of their position.
      We have to curtail their power and privileges to ensure they are not resting on their laurels, and dealing with lobbyists to vote their way into more power. Giving themselves raises???? No, it is just wrong.

      War has always been beneficial to more power, ego, wealth and influence.
      If we were to get out of other countries business, unless asked, and
      If we were to war only in self defense, I think there wouldn’t be many wars!!!!!!!!!!
      So let’s REALLY get out of Iraq. REALLY. totally and completely.

  64. President Eisenhower warned of an economy based on an Industrial Complex to wage war, sel war weapons, and made the the world economy dependent on buying and selling war weapons. This claim cannot be sold by telling the people: We have to sell war weapons to remain powerful strategically and economically. Instead the government has to tell the people: We are under threat of annihilation if we do not wage a war against terrorists who hate us and want to take over our land. The average person is willing to buy into such a claim. THis is how we continue to invent wars and find more and more terrorists to kill. There has to be a better way to improve the economy other than waging wars.

  65. Out of curiosity, how do we maintain a peaceful existence when the world beyond our borders is fraught with violence? When we have created instability by our actions? The world is truly a dangerous place and “justice” is a distant and often laughable term. Though I, as a veteran who was in Afghanistan, would love to see a day when I did not need to fear my children fighting at home or on foreign soil, I do not foresee our nation or the world laying down arms until humanity itself evolves beyond it.

    Iraq was a mistake, not simply morally but strategically. From a purely ammoral perspective, the Hussein regime managed to hold together a nation of tribes and “keep the trains running on time.” For those of you who do not know, the nation state was thrust upon these tribes by a declining and retreating European influence and most decisions and loyalties are at the tribal level. To hold different religious ideologies and tribal loyalties together was no easy feat. Dare I say, it needed a dictator (albeit a benevolent one). The Iraqi’s suffered from him and his followers, yes, but for the most part they lived their lives and, I believe, most of them could care less about freedom as we understand it.

    Strategically, we removed a stabilizing regime in the middle east and replaced it with a chaotic government incapable of counter balancing the weight of a fundamentalist regime, Iran. That, alone, should have persuaded our military and political leaders from intervening even if we found WMDs being sold at a bazaar in front of a CNN camera crew.

    The nations we now find ourselves involved in want nothing to do with our democracy and I am a firm believer that freedom and democracy and, for that matter, peace, can not be forced upon a people. They do not want our help, our laws, our ideals, or us. If you have ever stepped foot in Iraq, you can see that sad truth displayed by how many men treat their wives and children.

    So, we are leaving them to their own devices after doing our best to prop up a government that should have never been created by us. That is grand. We intervened in a world we do not understand and does not want us there. Well done. Now we expect peace. It’s not coming because we created instability, death, and destruction in an already volatile atmosphere. Though there is much we can do to correct our wrongs, promote proper use of our military for defense and humanitarian roles, and end the apathy that is causing our nation to maintain a status-quo mindset with our politicians, peace is not in our hand and is pretty far down in the deck of cards.

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  67. I would still like to know why this country didn’t learn anything from the Vietnam fiasco and went ahead and did the same thing with Iraq. The ideological wars go nowhere.

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  70. t’is a quandry, isn’t it. I just saw a program that stressed voting.
    Historically, there has been such a low turnout of voters. The best answer to making something happen and CHANGE, is to

    vote vote vote

  71. How carry out these commanders find these types of resonant opportunities? In one more number involving decades specific curiosity teams have taken on an fresh position and also lobbyists have develop into specially vilified. Thats why the planet progresses consequently slowly. best backpacking tent reviews

  72. Longer than 9 years- Bill Clinton sent in 19,000 soldiers to put in the land mines that has been the biggest killer of people in Afghanistan. Obama has promised to bring home the American soldiers by every December 31- he has failed the first 3 times- if he meant to try to bring them home! Obama has raised the number of American troops to over 140,000 in Afghanistan- 80 % INCREASE! They are dying at a faster rate than when he took office- he is a liar!

    • Now there are more US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with a muslim(Barack Obama) as President of the United States, the situation is as was as at the start- muslim against muslim,now with muslim Barack Obama directing US soldiers against other muslims. Sadam was being attacked by other muslims. Nothing has changed- war continues, thanks to Muhammad Obama.

  73. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and
    sources back to your webpage? My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors would really benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Cheers!

    • If you are asking me I say yes- anything to show that Barack Obama is a big liar by not showing that he is sending more US soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill and be killed than are coming home(at their end of tour of duty which is not under the control of Liar Barack Obama).

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  77. Coming back from Iraq-BUT! Who is counting those going there? Lying Little Bush and Liar Obama do not tell us about those Americans going TO Iraq and of those Americans that are DYING there. Those two devils only tell us the happy things- how are we going to protect each other with those two lying?

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