Interview on Chicago Public Radio from Monday

This program, Worldview, with host Jerome McDonnell, is one of the best on public radio. It’s on five days a week, focusing on international affairs. I’ve known Jerome for over 20 years, he’s a good egg, very sharp, asks good questions, good politics. Not a bad segment I don’t think, we covered a lot of issues of import to the peace movement. Feel free to give me feedback on my “performance” if you like!

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  1. From your America community organizer I say thank you, my fellow Americans let us stay the course with President Obama in deploy our U.S.Troops out of Iraq by the end of the year President Obama has done a great job and we the people should be proud of that, the next sept is to remove the Ieaq curse from america,s when ever President Obama contact contact me I will inform him as to who is the person that need to help with this I have a vision that some Americans might not believe in the Iraq curse, you think about it no one can fit the problem in the United State the GOP will not help the President and thay know that he is on the right course it is because of the curse.we have spend over $ 8 billions dollar on the war in Iraq,traffic this on your station as well as CBS Cnn Abc NBC and all of the network

    the key word,the time is now and not tomorrow

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

  2. From your America community organizer do you think that the all black town of Mound Bayou, will grow,I have a vision that Mound Bayou, Mississippi will never grow because the city dose not have a vision that is the leader of Mound Bayou

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