Action Alert

US out of the UN?

John Bolton and his UN-hating friends must be celebrating right now. Earlier this month when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted overwhelmingly to admit Palestine as a member state, it triggered a 20-year-old law requiring the US to withdraw its funding for the agency.

Blocking one-fifth of UNESCO’s budget isn’t going to help bring peace to the Middle East. And it’s just the beginning. Tell Congress today to change this counterproductive law.

Even though more than a hundred countries supported Palestine’s UNESCO membership, the US is taking a my way or the highway approach that ultimately will hurt US interests. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) even said it would be “catastrophic” for the US-UN relationship. And yet he won’t step in to stop it.

Cutting off funds to an organization that helps teach people in Afghanistan to read and promotes education in South Sudan is only the start. If Palestine is admitted to other UN agencies, the US would cut off funding to other bodies like the International Atomic Energy Agency, meaning fewer inspectors on the ground stopping the spread of dangerous nuclear material. [1]

This move by the US could cripple these critical agencies, and diminish the US’s ability to be an effective global partner. Tell Congress the US government needs to stop shooting itself in the foot with this shortsighted bill.

Right now, Congress is headed in the wrong direction on this, reinforcing this outdated law rather than working to change it. The State Department is making the case that this funding is crucial, but Congress is only going to feel the heat if they hear from you. Take action now.

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