Action Alert

Senators: vote to end the war in Afghanistan

Can you imagine US troops on the ground in Afghanistan in 2024?

That’s what’s on the table right now in discussions between the US and Afghan governments. Now is the time to send a message to the administration that ten years of war in Afghanistan is already far too long.

Tell your senators to vote in favor of a quicker withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Thanks to your efforts, the administration is getting the message that Congress is growing impatient with this endless war. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) has introduced a bipartisan amendment that shows Senate support for a quicker end to the war in Afghanistan. The vote could happen early next week, so we need to use these final days to build up pressure on as many senators as possible.

You helped us get twenty-seven senators signed on to a letter to the president calling for withdrawal last summer. Can you help us beat that record next week? Please ask your senators to support the Merkley amendment.

Billions of dollars and thousands of lives are still on the line in Afghanistan. We need to show the Senate that we will not stay quiet on this issue until all of the troops come home. Take action today.

Thank you for your persistence.

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  1. called mccain office – staff person polite albeit seemingly indifferent:- kyl office lft voice mail. both senators oddly difficult to reach thru phone calls .. perhaps upon second thought not so odd – having but voice mail feedback does keep the numbers of those opposed to various legislation at an easily manageable level:-

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