Remember February 15, 2003? The World Said No to War!

The post below is from Leslie Cagan, former national coordinator of United for Peace and Justice (and currently a Peace Action Education Fund board member), but I was about to write a similar post on this subject. This will be a terrific film (I was interviewed for it last year when I was in London, but that’s not why it will be a great film!) telling a people’s history story that needs to be told about the peace rallies against war with Iraq in February 2003. In addition to the Kickstarter fundraising page below, the website for the film is at http://www.wearemany.tv/


I’m sure you recall that incredible moment when tens of millions of people in every corner of the world said no to war in Iraq. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and even all these years later the power of that day still resonates. 


A film that captures the global reality of Feb. 15, 2003 is being produced by a London-based filmmaker. His name is Amir Amirani and he may have already been in touch with some of you about this project.


As you might imagine, Amir and his team need some help raising the money needed to complete this project. I believe it is the only film of its kind, and therefore one that needs to see the light of day. I am sending you this message in the hopes that you in turn can help spread the word. Some of you getting this have your own large email lists, some of you are with organizations that have significant lists, and some of you might have both! 


The key here is to get this message out far and wide, and to move quickly. Amir has set up a fund raising effort on an internet outfit called Kickstarter –  an easy to use, on line way for people to make donations. But he needs help getting the information out to large numbers of people in this country. (There are several organizations in England and other European countries already circulating this to their lists.)


I believe many people will want to make a donation to this important piece of history-recording, especially since they can give any amount and it will all be meaningful. All you have to do is send a brief note explaining the project – feel free to use what I’ve said here – and encouraging people to make a tax deductible donation.


This fund raising system is time-limited, so if you can do this….and I certainly you can….it is important that your messages go out this week sometime. Be sure to include this link



And you might want to make these points:


1. Donations through Kickstarter have to be made by December 13th – and their fund raising goal has to be met or else they will get nothing.

2. Nobody gets charged until they reach their goal. It’s only a pledge at this stage.

3. The fiscal sponsor for this effort is the Film Forum and all donations are totally 100% tax deductible.

4. It takes just a few minutes to pledge on a secure Amazon payment system – it’s really quick and simple.

5. Every dollar counts – whether it $1 or $100, there is no such thing as a donation that is too small or one that is too large!


And please be sure to ask people to share the message with their own email lists.


Thanks everyone…



Leslie Cagan

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