Month: January 2012

U.S. Public to Politicians — We’re Not All That Jingoistic!

One would never know with all the America-first chest-pounding one hears from politicans (especially most Republican presidential candidates!), but Americans are much more internationalist than one would think. National Peace Action board member and author/professor Larry Wittner’s op-ed on History News Network makes a compelling, well-documented case that progressive policy-makers, if […]

Reading tea leaves in Afghanistan

The LA Times ran a great OpEd yesterday highlighting that, as much as the Pentagon would like to convince you otherwise, assessing “progress” in Afghanistan is up to interpretation — kind of like reading tea leaves. For instance, on the “success” of driving the Taliban out of Kandahar: “Yes, […]

Responding to the State of the Union

by Peter Deccy, Peace Action President Obama’s third State of the Union message began and ended in homily honoring our men and women in uniform.  The President referred to them as the one institution that actually worked like it should.  Mission focused, trusting one another, working as a […]

2012: Ending the War in Afghanistan

by Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action On the heels of nearly all U.S. troops leaving Iraq, thanks to your pressure and others in the peace movement, troops are slowly coming out of Afghanistan.  In 2012, we will continue to push to accelerate the withdrawal and ensure all foreign […]