U.S. Public to Politicians — We’re Not All That Jingoistic!

One would never know with all the America-first chest-pounding one hears from politicans (especially most Republican presidential candidates!), but Americans are much more internationalist than one would think. National Peace Action board member and author/professor Larry Wittner’s op-ed on History News Network makes a compelling, well-documented case that progressive policy-makers, if they would have the courage of their convictions to promote less militaristic and unilateral, more diplomatic and international policies and solutions, could garner strong public support. Certainly this could play out in some of the core issues Peace Action works on these days, especially military budget cuts and non-military solutions to the problem of Iran’s nuclear (NOT “nuclear weapons”) program. And of course, through our Peace Voter 2012 campaign, we’ll raise the voices of the pro-peace voters.

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