Month: February 2012

Now it’s the Senate’s turn

Last week, your messages helped convince 87 members of the House, Democrats and Republicans, to sign on to a letter to the president saying that it’s time to get out of Afghanistan.  Great work! Now we need to get the Senate to join the call. Please click here […]

$7.6 billion buys a lot of Valentine candy

Today, the Obama administration released their budget request for 2013. Here’s a look at the multi-billion dollar early Valentine’s Day gift to the nuclear weapons complex squirreled away within the Department of Energy’s budget. The President is requesting $7.6 billion for nuclear weapons activities, which is a lot […]

Deadline Friday: we need your help

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed that the US plans to end combat operations in Afghanistan in 2013, far ahead of schedule.  The New York Times called it a “a major milestone toward ending a decade of war.” But proponents of endless war aren’t going to […]

Put Nukes on the Chopping Block

“We need more nuclear weapons programs like Lady Gaga needs another outfit.” That’s what Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) said yesterday, as he introduced a bill that would put a huge dent in the billions that are wasted on nuclear weapons every year, and halt plans to build new […]