Nuclear Weapons

Put Nukes on the Chopping Block

“We need more nuclear weapons programs like Lady Gaga needs another outfit.”

That’s what Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) said yesterday, as he introduced a bill that would put a huge dent in the billions that are wasted on nuclear weapons every year, and halt plans to build new nuclear bomb factories.

Here is the video of Rep. Markey introducing his bill on House floor.

The bill has 35 cosponsors already. Click here to tell your representative to cosponsor H.R. 3974, the Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act.

The SANE Act would:

  • Reduce the fleet of nuclear-armed submarines and cancel plans for new nuclear bombers and new nuclear missile systems
  • Cancel the two new nuclear bomb plants that are being planned in New Mexico and Tennessee
  • Make over a dozen other cuts to nuclear weapons programs

These and the other cuts in the bill would save up to $117 billion over the next ten years. Tell your representative to reduce our reliance on nuclear weapons and save money by supporting this bill today.

In the current deficit-cutting frenzy in Washington, crucial funding for things like Medicare are being threatened with massive cutbacks. Help us make sure that Congress makes the cuts where they are sorely needed. Click here now to tell your representative to cut billions from wasteful and dangerous nuclear weapons programs.

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    • If all the jobs that are not coming back, came back, and all the debt that will not be fovrigen was fovrigen, and all the insane oligarchs that are not going to be destroyed were destroyed; would the exact, same environment that produced this disfunction be even remotely considered as way forward? Environments determine outcomes. Would the planet fall apart if you removed BELIEF in misinformation? Overwhelmed by all the complexity; I often brood about simplicity Some say that Simplicity means “you just can’t fuck things up.” Perhaps a computer simulation of a well designed, replacement prototype, would transfer the required information. I for one, will be listening, for the transfer of information that all great music provides.

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