Election 2012

Bring peace to the Inland Empire

Last year, we were only six votes away from passing an amendment in the House calling for a quicker end to the war in Afghanistan. Just imagine what we could do with a pro-peace majority.

Help us make that a reality by supporting Mark Takano’s bid to win California’s new 41st district. Click here to donate. 

This new district provides a rare opportunity to elect a strong progressive candidate in the Inland Empire, an area of southern California that has been dominated for years by conservative Republicans.

Teacher Mark Takano will bring fresh energy and new priorities to the House, fighting to spend our money on things like education instead of unnecessary wars. His family’s history in Hiroshima provides a unique perspective on the horror of nuclear weapons that needs to be heard in Congress. Not only is Mark Takano poised to be a great leader on our issues—we know he can win.

When you donate to candidates through Peace Action West, you show them that peace matters to politically engaged people in this country. Your donation shows Mark Takano that supporters of a smarter, saner foreign policy have his back because he has ours. Can you donate $10 to help Mark win this important race?

I am looking forward to working with Mark Takano in Congress next year. Your support will make sure that can happen. Thank you for donating.

Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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