Now it’s the Senate’s turn

Last week, your messages helped convince 87 members of the House, Democrats and Republicans, to sign on to a letter to the president saying that it’s time to get out of Afghanistan.  Great work!

Now we need to get the Senate to join the call. Please click here to tell your senators to sign a bipartisan letter calling for an end to the war.

Last week, NATO admitted that their bombs killed eight Afghan children.

This war is a disaster, and for the Afghan civilians and soldiers in daily danger, this couldn’t be more urgent.

In just a few months, NATO countries will meet in Chicago to talk about what’s next for Afghanistan, and with your help, we’ll make sure that our leaders can’t ignore the momentum for ending this disastrous war.

Please, act now to tell your senators to sign the letter before the deadline a week from today.

I remember just three years ago when hardly any members of Congress wanted to draw attention to the war in Afghanistan. Our progress in Congress is a testament to your tenacity. Please join us in keeping the fire going. Take action today.

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