Month: March 2012

A Budget for All

by Peter Deccy Representative Paul Ryan’s ‘Punish the People’ budget proposal was released last week to a symphony of media coverage. This week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus released The Budget for All, a blueprint for deficit reduction and job creation the media ignored. Fair and balanced? Hardly. The […]

2012: Out Now

by Peter Deccy, Peace Action U.S. military leaders are still pressing to keep the bulk of US troops in Afghanistan until 2014, removing only the remaining 22,000 “surge” forces President Obama promised would be withdrawn this summer. That will leave over 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan. For what? […]

Join the National Call-in Day

How many billions are outdated weapons worth? It’s the 21st century, yet we are spending more and more money on a Cold War nuclear arsenal every single year. Current plans will have the US spending almost $700 billion in the next decade on nuclear bombs. Luckily, there is […]