Month: May 2012

Peace has its rewards

Politicians drive me crazy sometimes. And most Americans are probably right there with me. But we don’t hear enough about the people in Congress who are actually doing the right thing, and are willing to go to bat for pro-peace values. Several of those peace leaders need our […]

The Greek Tragedy

by Peter Deccy Much has been reported about the decline of the Greek economy. Some Republicans have enjoyed using the tragedy to warn the same fate awaits the US unless it cuts its social spending, often implying the social safety net in Greece supports a lazy society that […]

Send a progressive hero to Congress

Norman Solomon wanted us to share this message with Peace Action West supporters. Raul Grijalva is a progressive champion and another of our endorsed candidates for 2012. “Send a Progressive Hero to Congress” A MESSAGE FROM CONGRESSMAN RAUL GRIJALVA Dear Friend, Norman Solomon’s reputation precedes him. On Capitol […]

Repression: made in America

It’s painfully obvious. If a government is imprisoning, torturing, and killing protesters, American weapons should never reach their hands. Then why is the administration doing a runaround on Congress and selling arms to the government of Bahrain?  Tell your representative to cosponsor the Arms Sales Responsibility Act to […]