Election 2012

Peace has its rewards

Politicians drive me crazy sometimes. And most Americans are probably right there with me.

But we don’t hear enough about the people in Congress who are actually doing the right thing, and are willing to go to bat for pro-peace values. Several of those peace leaders need our support, or they may not make it back to Washington.

Click here to support our 2012 peace leaders—members of Congress who are there for us when it counts.

Representatives Grijalva, Garamendi, Stark, Hahn and Bonamici all have proven records of proactive leadership on everything from ending the war in Afghanistan to slashing wasteful military spending. They are a testament to the power of electing partners for peaceful solutions, and they are all facing tough reelection fights.

We saw how important this was earlier this month when the House voted on a massive military spending bill. Every single one of these representatives voted no on the bill, which endorses continuing the war in Afghanistan and wastes billions on unnecessary military programs. But they don’t just vote the right way. They cosponsored bills, signed letters, authored legislation, made speeches, wrote op-eds, and made sure the pro-peace agenda was on the front burner.

These incumbents are facing tough races this year. We need to show them that fighting for peace has its rewards. Can you donate $10 to help reelect our 2012 peace leaders?

We rely on these people to move our agenda through Congress, because they know their constituents support it. Think of what we can do next year with these allies in Congress, joined by our new crop of challengers. Please help make that happen by donating today.


Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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