Month: June 2012

“Cease Warfare, Stop Wasting Money” (!)

–Kevin Martin That was the headline given by the letters editor (thanks!) for my letter to the editor published in the actual newspaper print delivered to my doorstep version of the Washington Post this morning. The online header is not as cool, “Economic reasons to end war” but glad it […]

Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

So here’s the paradox. There’s a growing consensus that a military strike on Iran would be disastrous while at the same time the likelihood of such a disaster is also increasing. Please take a moment to sign Peace Action’s petition calling on the President to use all means […]

You vs. the NRA

There are 875 million guns in the world, and almost 2 bullets for every person on this planet. Apparently that’s not enough for the NRA and their right wing allies. They are working hard to undermine a new international treaty to stop the spread of conventional arms—weapons that […]

A House Divided

The House of Representatives just can’t make up its mind. They have passed two pieces of legislation recently that directly conflict with each other regarding spending levels for certain nuclear weapons programs. A small group of Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee seem to think that if […]