Month: September 2012

Candidates Listen up!

What happens on Election Day is a snap shot of everything that has happened before that day: our daily experiences, the debates on TV and around the dinner table, and countless polls. Then voters become the deciders. Before Election Day, the peace and justice movement must find every […]


Who wants war with Iran?

Retaliation against US personnel overseas. $8-a-gallon gas. A spreading Middle East War. An Iranian regime driven to pursue a nuclear weapon. Experts recognize all of these as likely consequences of a military attack on Iran. Most people of sound mind are not gunning for a military confrontation with […]

John McCain joins the antiwar camp?

It was surprising enough to hear this week that Republican C.W. Bill Young of Florida made a u-turn and called for an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Republican foreign policy leader, former presidential candidate, and hawk extraordinaire takes the cake. “I think all options […]

October surprise?

Presidential candidates are terrified of looking weak on security — especially in the final weeks before an election. And anti-Iran hawks are doing everything they can to exploit this window in their drive for a dangerous confrontation. We need to fight back. Take action now to tell the […]

Afghanistan – The “Who Cares?” War

–Kevin Martin, Executive Director Last week, veteran AP reporter Robert Burns wrote an interesting article on the 9/11 anniversary  titled “War Weary US is Numbed to Drumbeat of Troop Deaths.” Burns told moving stories of a few troops who recently died in Afghanistan, and interviewed some military brass […]

Train for Change! Peace Action Education Fund’s Move the Money Training Program, and FaceBook Action to Press Prez Candidates to Cut Pentagon Budget!

President   Dwight Eisenhower warned the nation of the dangers of a military   industrial complex which had begun to influence all aspects of our society   – “economic, political, even spiritual — felt in every city, every   State house, every office of the Federal government.”Ike   was […]


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