Ignoring Climate Chaos, Sowing Disaster Relief Chaos are InSane!

A pox on both presidential tickets for their shameful ignoring of climate chaos in the debates and the campaign overall. Hurricane Sandy seems timed to remind us all this issue is real, denial by candidates focused on other concerns notwithstanding. Here’s hoping folks on the East Coast can ride out the storm safely, and a hearty early thanks to all first responders, emergency crews and utility workers who will have huge jobs ahead of them.

My guess is at some point the shape shifting Mitt Romney will say something about these brave folks, and like most things that escape his lips it will be drenched in hypocrisy. Romney and Ryan want to privatize emergency relief services, or at least they have said so plainly in the recent past. Is this another position Romney will, at least rhetorically, change in his desperate attempt to appear reasonable? Whatever, his advocacy of privatization of disaster recovery services was and is InSane. (Especially considering his plan to increase Pentagon spending would require across the board cuts of 34% in all domestic discretionary spending. Is he going to tell the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to churn up 34% fewer hurricanes?)

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  1. The Republicans seem to want to privatize everything. The only problem is they tend to make money when they do it.

  2. A little more on the making money from privatizing. It all right to make money but not when you are doing it at the expense of others who are suffering and that I am afraid would be the case here. We are here to help our fellow citizens when they are struck by disaster not to look for ways to make money.

  3. Sandy has come along to put things in a proper perspective. Not that it’s punishment by any means, but rather a wake up call.

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